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Is Cane Sugar Vegan?

Hi. I’m vegan and I’m planning on getting my first tattoo and I would like to know if cane sugar is okay to use. If not, is beet sugar okay? Thanks!


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    Cane sugar comes from sugar cane, the sucrose (sugar) is extracted from the tall canes when harvest is ready. Of course since it’s ingredients are 100% plant-based, it would safely fall into the vegan category. Beet sugar would also be vegan, same process, different plant 🙂

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    The cane sugar is only made with the harvested plant (the sugarcan). So because of the origin of the sugar an the process used, can sugar can be considered to be vegan. However, there is an exception: Only the refined variety of can sugar is often considered to be non-vegan because of the refining process. Sugarcan is a light brown color and to obtain a pure white color, bone char is used. Bone char is made by heating animal bones, and even if bone char does not remain in the sugar, it excludes the refined can sugar to be considered non-vegan.

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