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Is BBQ Sauce Vegan?

Hi there! I saw some BBQ sauce for sale at a restaurant I frequented, and I had to wonder, is this BBQ sauce vegan? What is it made with?


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    It’s usually vegan, you need to carefully read the ingredients. Bbq sauce with honey it’s not vegan

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    BBQ sauce usually contains ingredients that are mostly of vegan origin, it is true that in the market you can find different brands that offer this same product, the problem is to verify each of the ingredients that the BBQ sauce contains. let’s go shopping, for example there are some brands that use honey instead of refined sugar for its preparation, therefore this brand would no longer be vegan due to the use of this ingredient of animal origin.

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    The answer is no,most upscale name brand BBQ sauces contain either anchovies and or honey ingredients.BUT there are a few brands of BBQ sauces that are made vegan friendly so have no fear ! We can all still enjoy our BBQ sauce !

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