Is Almond Milk Vegan?

Is almond milk vegan? We have been drinking it for years. Now, we are trying to get into vegan. We want to make sure our kids are getting what they need, and almond milk seems like a good choice, but is it vegan? If not, what other alternatives are available?


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    Yes, almond milk is vegan. There is no way it could be made from another animal.

    Almond milk is made by blending almonds into a milk base. The only non-animal source of protein is the albumin (about 3%) that is naturally present in almonds. There is no way that this would result in the presence of animal milk proteins.

    So the answer is yes, almond milk is vegan.

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    Yes, almond milk is vegan. Almond milk is made from ground almonds (not blanched almonds) and water. It contains no dairy products at all.

    Almond milk is also high in healthy antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin B, potassium and magnesium.

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    The good news is that almond milk is vegan.

    Almond milk is very popular in the U.S. because it tastes more like real milk than other non-dairy milk products. It’s also less expensive than coconut milk and it’s easier to find. However, it’s not as easy to find in Canada.

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    Yes, almond milk is vegan, because it contains blended almonds, with no animal products, such as dairy, needed.

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