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Do Vegans Eat Eggs?


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    Veganism is often confused with vegetarianism. While vegans do not eat meat or eggs, vegetarians do not eat meat but they may eat eggs. This is because eggs come from hens, and some people consider hens to be animals, even though they are only classified as livestock.

    Eggs, however, are not the only source of nutrition. Legumes, nuts, grains, and even soybeans can be used to make an egg-like substance known as lecithin.

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    Most vegans do not eat eggs. They do not eat any food produced from animals. They do not eat meat, dairy, or anything that comes from an animal. The reason for this is that eggs are not usually produced without some sort of animal suffering, so vegans do not eat them.

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    What came first, the chicken or the egg? “Do vegans eat eggs” can be a tricky question. Perhaps the best answer is that MOST vegans do not eat eggs. Reasons for this include concern for animal welfare, environmental concerns, and of course, health concerns.

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