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Can vegan eat honey?

I have a question about the honey. if you eat a vegan diet, do you need to get the organic one? or is it not necessary? Also, I am going to be using honey as a sweetener in my baking. so if I am making a cookie for example, and I use honey instead of sugar would that cause a problem? thanks!


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    Honey is considered by some to be an animal product. The bees that produce it use their mouthparts to gather nectar from flowers and bring it back to the hive. Bees are considered to be animals. Using their honey you can become a reason for their suffering. So, most of vegans don’t eat honey.

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    Yes. The concept of veganism as a diet is to refrain from animal products, including honey. Veganism as a philosophy focuses more on animal rights and not consumption or use of animals for human purposes.

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    Vegan eats no animal product or anything derived from animal products. It is made by the bees using nectar from flowers. So yes!

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    The answer is yes. Technically, it’s possible for vegans to eat honey. There are some who believe that honey is too processed to be considered vegan because of the act of harvesting bees, while others point out that you can’t really define “vegan” in any remotely useful way (so there’s no real need for this question).

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    Just because a food has been vegan does not make it vegetarian-friendly. Honey, unfortunately, is an animal product that vegans should avoid. Fortunately there are many sugar substitutes, such as xylitol and stevia, that taste just as good as honey for those who can’t go without sweets. If you do need a sweetener from time to time the best option would be maple syrup because it also provides some additional minerals and nutrients along with its sweetness which helps satisfy a craving. Maple syrup comes from a tree so I’m still calling it plant based!

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    If you are vegan because of ethical reasons, then honey is not an option for you.

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