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Are Twizzlers Vegan?

Are Twizzlers vegan? They have an ingredient called glycerine which is animal fat. I’m assuming that they are not vegan because glycerine is made from animal fat. Am I right?


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    I’m not sure. It doesn’t say on the package! There are more things that are vegan than you might know, but Twizzlers seem to be questionable. I, personally, think it’s just an urban myth. It would suck if they were vegan and one of my favorite foods too 🙁

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    A lot of people think that Twizzlers are not vegan because of the synthetic dyes used to color them, but this is incorrect; they use natural ingredients such as pectin and such. And of course, they’re made from real sugar (which many vegans end up eating).

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    “May contain milk, egg, and wheat” is the most prominent sentence in the list of ingredients. That sentence doesn’t inspire trust in me so I’m going to say no. Twizzlers are not vegan-friendly! Suck it up and learn to love carrot sticks!

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