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Are Tortillas Vegan?

I’m confused about vegan tortillas. Are they safe to eat? I’ve seen them in some grocery stores but I don’t know where I can get them or what they are made of. Are they vegan?


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    They’re made from corn, which is vegan. However, most of the corn found in tortillas is genetically modified, and those are not vegan.

    So, if you’re not sure whether or not your corn tortillas are vegan, check the ingredients list before buying them. If the list doesn’t say “vegan,” then it probably isn’t vegan.

    But, I have yet to find a certified vegan tortilla so, if you have one, let me know.

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    Yes, tortillas can be made without eggs or dairy products, as long as the corn flour is not enriched with anything. That being said, you’ll need to be careful about the tortilla’s ingredients – look for corn that’s labeled “100% Natural” or “Made in USA.” Corn is a good source of protein, but not all corn-based products are created equal – some contain too much sugar, or unhealthy additives such as artificial coloring.

    In addition, make sure that the tortilla’s ingredients list doesn’t include lard. Lard is the main fat used in commercial tortillas.

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    Yes, but not if they are made with wheat.

    Most tortillas (which are generally made with wheat flour and lard) are vegan, though there are exceptions.

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    No. Tortillas are made from wheat flour and water. They are not vegan.

    However, there are some plant-based tortillas. You can make them at home with ingredients like flaxseeds, chia seeds, almond flour, bananas, and so on.

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