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Are Tortilla Chips Vegan?

Do you think tortilla chips are vegan or not? I have been vegan for several months now and have had a hard time finding tortilla chips that are not made with animal products. I was wondering if you had any ideas on where to find them?


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    Some tortilla chips are vegan, they are typically made of corn (which is technically a grain) and do not contain any meat or eggs. However, other tortilla chips are not vegan and are usually made of wheat flour, which does contain gluten.

    There is a company out there called Nacho Cheese Doritos that are actually made with corn tortillas and vegan cheese. So, while you can’t eat those chips, you can enjoy the vegan tortilla chips from Nacho Cheese Doritos.

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    It’s important to know that some brands of tortilla chips are vegan, while others are not.

    For example, Harvest Project Tortilla Chips are entirely vegan-friendly because they’re made with organic corn and have just 2 grams of saturated fat per serving.

    Old El Paso Thick & Chunky Pure Corn Tortilla Chips, on the other hand, contain eggs that disqualify them from being considered vegan-friendly.

    That’ll tell us whether you need to double-check the label next time you go shopping. Or perhaps even make your own potato chips! After all, there’s no preservatives or fillers in potatoes like there are in mass-produced snacks.

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    Doritos are not vegan, read here:

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    Domino’s claims that its tortilla chips are vegan.

    They must be following the strict definition of animal-free because “no milk, egg whites, honey, and gelatin (an animal byproduct) is used in the process of creating these chips.”

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