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Are Thin Mints Vegan?

I have been to Whole Foods and they carry vegan cookies. The only thing that I found was “Thin Mints” cookies. Do these cookies have animal products? Also, are Thin Mints vegan?

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Thin Mints from Little Brownie Bakers says "made with vegan ingredients". Girl Scouts Thin Mints ingredients you can see below: As you can see there are no animal products or dairy in any of them. So, we can say yes, Thin Mint are vegan.


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    Yes. Thin Mints are vegan because they don’t contain animal products, honey, or dairy – the only ingredients in the original recipe! Of course you may find that some folks like to change up the recipe and stuff it with all sorts of undesirable things such as brown sugar, but those aren’t really “Thin Mints” anymore; they’re more like Cinnamon Meltaways.

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    Yes, they are. It’s hard to find information about the ingredients of the original cookie, but as far as we know, the base of the cookies consists of only chocolate chips, almonds, oats, flour and coconut oil.

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    The short answer is yes!

    The long answer? They’re vegan because the candy itself contains no eggs or dairy of any kind. The chocolate coating is made of powdered sugar, and it’s baked in a dairy-free cake mix that has no dairy ingredients, so it’s vegan as well.

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    Yes, thin mints are always vegan. I would advise to check the ingredients if you are purchasing from an unrepeatable source/company/brand, but for the most part thin mints are always vegan. The ingredients used do not contain dairy/eggs. So you are safe to eat them.

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