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Are Takis Vegan?

Can you tell me if the takis tortilla chips are made with vegan ingredients? They look like they do, but I am not sure. I want to know because I don’t eat them, and it would be nice if I could eat them without feeling guilty.


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    This is a great question! I can not find any definitive answer to this question. The company, who makes the popular Mexican snack, says they are vegetarian but does not explicitly mention veganism or animal products.

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    There are no animal products in Takis, just processed corn masa and salt. So if by “vegan” you mean that it conforms to the definition of veganism – not intending harm or suffering for animals – then yes it is! But like anything else, if you care about your health (and your stance on animal welfare too) I recommend sticking with healthy vegan foods.

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    No, takis are not vegan. They are made from eggs, milk and honey.

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