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Are Skittles Vegan?

Are Skittles vegan? I am trying to find a vegan candy that is good but I haven’t found any yet. I tried the Pocky Japanese brand but they aren’t vegan because they have honey in them. So my question is do you think Skittles are vegan?


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    You’d be surprised… They do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. If you are interested in learning more about how they’re made, visit their website.

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    Technically, yes. Unless you’re buying them in a country that’s not North America or Canada and they came from a factory with animal byproducts in the candymaking process.

    Their website says it 100% doesn’t come from animal fats and their wrappers don’t contain gelatin.

    The original Skittles flavor is only vegan because it has neither milk nor honey so technically there’s no forbidden ingredients for vegans to be wary of when it comes to these candies! It also means there is no milk-based hazelnut spread used either so please rest assured if your favorite flavor isn’t vegan, all flavors are free of these three suspecting ingredients!

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    Skittles are not vegan.

    Skittles contain gelatin which is an animal product, so they cannot be considered vegan. The following ingredients are in Skittles-Corn syrup, sugar, low melting point milk fats (LMP), sorbitol syrups, cornstarch, dextrose (sugar), artificial flavors and vegetable colors (FD&C Yellow No. 6)

    The gelatin comes from the bones of pigs or cows but it’s typically made up to look like animal fat; it is usually sourced from slaughterhouses or factory farm remains; 60% pork byproduct gelatines are used for red Skittle’s Gelatin contains residue of animal products like strong cholesterol sources like eggs.

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    It is not easy for vegetarians to live in a world where there are many animal products. Skittles is one of the few foods that vegetarians can consume. Until 2010, skittles contained gelatin. It is not a vegetarian product because it is made from soluble collagen by enzymatic, acidic, or basic hydrolysis. In the United Kingdom until 2015, Skittles contained carmine or e120. It is a pigment that is obtained from the female insect’s Coccus cacti or Dactylopius coccus. As of 2020, Skittles candy contains no animal products. Sweets consist of vegetable fats, which are obtained from the seeds and fruits of oil plants. Skittles also contains natural and artificial flavors. But there are a couple of ingredients worth paying attention to. These are refined cane sugar and palm oil. Sometimes bone charcoal is used to produce sugar. The production of palm oil harms the environment, including animals. Some vegetarians consider these ingredients to be taboo. Thus, it remains to be decided whether Skittles is suitable for vegetarians or not.

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