Are Mcdonald’s Hash Browns Vegan?

I just found out about a brand of hash browns that say they are “vegan”. They are called “Mcdonald’s Hash Browns”. I was wondering if they are indeed vegan or not? I was wondering if there were any other brands out there that are similar to that.


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    In the UK, McDonald’s hash brown is not made with any eggs, milk, or other animal-derived ingredients. However, they may be fried in oil that has come in contact with animal-based products. For e.g. they may be cooked near fryers used for cooking fish etc.

    However, US McDonald’s has made it clear that their hash browns are not VEGAN. They are made with a type of beef flavor that contains milk derivatives and is therefore cannot be considered vegan.

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    McDonald’s hash browns are certified as suitable for vegans in the UK, in other countries they don’t have the same accreditation. In the United States, McDonald’s has browns contain milk and may also contain beef.

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    No, Mcdonald’s hash browns are not vegan. I researched this and they contain natural beef flavor.

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    McDonald’s hash browns is vegan.They’re use lots of ingredients and they are fried in oil.

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