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Are Churros Vegan?

Are churros vegan? They seem like a very delicious food, but I was wondering if there was any dairy or egg in them.


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    Yes, churros are vegan because they are fried dough. The most common kind of saturated fat they use is coconut oil.

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    Depends on how you make them. They are traditionally deep fried, but some people veganize the dough by substituting oil for applesauce, use non-dairy milk in place of eggs, and replace the egg-wash with water.

    Buying churros is a little safer bet because they’re usually made without animal products. So enjoy your vegan treat!

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    Churros are deep fried dough that come in many flavors such as cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla. They can be either stuffed with dulce de leche or dusted with powdered sugar and sprinkled with cinnamon.

    So, yes, churros can be made without animal products if you follow the right recipe.

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    Churros can be either vegan or not, depending on how they are prepared. Churros are fried choux pastry. Usually milk, eggs, and sometimes butter are used for choux pastry, but they can be replaced with water and non-dairy milk. So don’t worry, vegans can try churros, too.

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