Are Burger King Fries Vegan?

Are Burger King french fries vegan? I saw the menu the other day and the fries are made with potatoes and something else. Do they contain eggs or milk or any other animal products? Thanks!


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    Yes. Burger King fries are vegan, both the regular and seasoned versions. They only use salt, corn starch, vegetable oil (canola), dextrose (mostly derived from corn), rice flour products (usually for potato varieties), wheat products (usually for onion varieties) as flavorings so no animal product was harmed in their making.

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    Yes, Burger King Fries are vegan. The potato sticks are fried in a 100% soybean oil with all surface fat removed and the seasoning is only salt and pepper. And you can even get them without salt or pepper!

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    Burger King fries are not vegan. Burger King has confirmed that the fries are cooked in beef tallow (rendered cow fat).

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    Currently, with the growing competition between Burger King and McDonald’s to take over the vegan food market, Burger King not only sells vegan fries, but also sells another 100% vegan burger in the US called the Impossible Whopper. This burger, due to the use of genetic engineering, is not yet sold in Europe. Burger King fries are cooked in vegetable oil, and additives also mainly contain natural starch and natural flavor enhancers.

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    Yes, Burger King fries are vegan. I have looked at the ingredients and they definitely match up with being vegan. I love vegan food, and it is a healthy alternative. The fries are definitely delicious and should be tried by everyone!

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