10 Best Vegan Toothpaste On The Market In 2024 . TOP Brands To Choose

Best Vegan Toothpaste Money Can Buy Plus Tips for Buying, Ingredients to Avoid, & Top Brands

Yes, most toothpaste is not vegan. Many never think about toothpaste when they go vegan. I mean, how can toothpaste not be vegan? It’s just water, mint, and chemicals, right? Wrong.

Regular toothpaste uses all sorts of animal-derived ingredients and chemicals tested on animals. These typically include glycerin, bee pollen, propolis, bone meal, and more. But, we’ll discuss these more in the article.

First, what is the best vegan toothpaste money can buy?

Thankfully, natural and cruelty-free toothpaste is becoming more widely available. You can now find most of them in major supermarkets and pharmacies all across the USA.

The Best 10 Vegan Toothpastes

To help you in the best way I can, I’ve divided all the best vegan toothpaste into three categories: Sensitive Teeth, Activated Charcoal, and Organic. This way, you can find the perfect vegan toothpaste for you and your family.

Sensitive Teeth

All of the vegan toothpaste below are specially designed to help those with sensitive teeth. If you feel a sharp pain in a tooth or multiple teeth when eating or drinking cold foods, you likely have sensitive teeth. These vegan toothpaste brands can help rebuild enamel on your teeth and protect them from sensitivity.

Cleure Original Unflavored Paste

Cleure Original Unflavored Paste

This is the best vegan toothpaste for sensitive teeth by far. Cleure is a certified vegan product, certified cruelty-free, and 100% organic. That’s the big three.

It’s also made right here in the US, is fluoride-free, flavorless, but will leave you with a fresh breath. There are no nasty chemicals, and it has excellent customer reviews.

If you have sensitive teeth, look no further.

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Bronner's Magic Soaps Toothpaste Peppermint

Bronner's Magic Soaps Toothpaste Peppermint

You may have heard of the brand Dr. Bronners. They’re a big player in the eco-friendly consumer game, and this toothpaste is an exceptional example of their products.

The Magic Soaps toothpaste is 70% organic and includes only fair-trade ingredients. It’s very refreshing and specially formulated for those with sensitive teeth.

The formula is solid and includes no synthetic foaming agents and artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners.

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Kingfisher Natural Fennel Toothpaste


Kingfisher is a huge brand, and if you didn’t already know, they’re 100% vegan. Great news for vegans with teeth everywhere! Don’t worry, they’re 100% cruelty-free also so you can brush with peace of mind.

Kingfisher is also one of the cheaper options on this list but is of excellent quality. You also have over nine different options, and all are great for those with sensitive teeth. The option that includes fluoride is the best for sensitive teeth, but this depends on whether you want to buy fluoride or not.

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Activated Charcoal

Does activated charcoal work? Some people swear by it. Others are not so convinced. Research is limited right now, so give it a go and see if you notice a difference.

Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal

Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal

Hello toothpaste is 100% vegan and cruelty-free certified. This activated charcoal toothpaste is designed to leave your teeth sparkling white and healthy. Plus, it claims to have superior stain removing properties that you won’t get with other brands.

Hello is also PETA recognized for its avoidance of animal ingredients and animal testing. Each tube is fluoride-free and SLS free. Customers of this product are adamant that regular uses result in noticeably whiter teeth.

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Tom's of Maine Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Tom's of Maine Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Tom’s of Maine has created an activated charcoal toothpaste that provides excellent cavity protection and will leave your teeth sparkly white. I personally used this product for a few months and noticed a big difference in my teeth’ witness.

The toothpaste is 100% natural and free from all nasty ingredients leaving your teeth clean and is sensitive to your enamel.

Tom’s of Maine is also a certified B-Corp, which means they “meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.”

What’s more, the brand gives 10% of all profits from their toothpaste to children’s charities.

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Desert Essence Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Desert Essence Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Desert Essence is a popular brand in the vegan cosmetics industry, most famous for its natural oils like Argan and Jojoba. They also create excellent vegan toothpaste like this one.

This product only uses high-quality natural ingredients. It does include glycerin, but it is derived from vegetable fats and not animal fats. Customers say it leaves them with incredibly fresh breath and noticeably whiter teeth after just a few weeks.

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Organic ingredients are those that have been minimally processed and treated. They’re as close to their natural state as possible. This means they have not been treated with chemicals, preservatives, or any other nasty ingredients.

RADIUS USDA Organic Gel Toothpaste

RADIUS USDA Organic Gel Toothpaste

RADIUS is a USDA-Certified Organic toothpaste that delivers. Using a mix of natural ingredients like organic neem, rosehip, and holy basil extracts, they have formulated this unique toothpaste gel.

It won’t foam like your regular toothpaste and may taste strange at first, but it will keep your teeth white and fresh with none of the nasty ingredients. It’s specially designed to fight gum disease.

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The Green People Company Organic Minty Cool Toothpaste

The Green People Company Organic Minty Cool Toothpaste

One of the tastiest organic vegan toothpaste products around. The Green People Company’s minty cool toothpaste will leave your mouth feeling fresh and exceptionally clean.

Each tube contains natural Betaine, which is very effective against dry mouth syndrome. The toothpaste is a natural antibacterial and antimicrobial, fluoride-free, and SLS-free.

It is also 100% natural and 87% organic.

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Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste

Incredibly refreshing and will wake your mouth and whole body up. Very strange at first, but this is one of the few oil toothpaste that actually works.

Desert Essence only uses the finest ingredients, which are non-GMO and organic. Tea tree oil is the main ingredient as it discourages harmful bacteria’s growth, which helps solve your bad breath and helps to combat common issues related to a less-than-healthy mouth.

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What is Vegan Toothpaste?

Vegan toothpaste is simply toothpaste that uses no animal-derived ingredients or ingredients tested on animals. Vegan toothpaste is cruelty-free and most often 100% natural.

Natural vegan toothpaste is made from 100% organic and natural plant-based ingredients. You get all the same cleaning effects of regular toothpaste, but safe in the knowledge, no animals were used to manufacture it.

What’s Wrong with Regular Toothpaste?

Closeup female hand is holding ecological bamboo brush

When it comes to regular toothpaste, there are three main issues.


In the USA, over 95% of all toothpaste products contain fluoride. You may have heard bad things about fluoride. Many people say it’s damaging to your health, most notably your brain. Fluoride is a chemical added to regular toothpaste because it fights against tooth decay.

So, what’s the problem? Fluoride has been consistently linked with both bone fractures and impaired brain development. Many people claim that excessive use of fluoride is also linked to higher cancer risk. Currently, there is very little evidence to back this claim.

Animal-Ingredients and Testing

There are several ingredients commonly used in regular toothpaste that are derived from animals, including:

  • Glycerin – derived from animal fat and used as a humectant.
  • Bee pollen – collected from legs of bees and used for natural cleaning.
  • Propolis – tree sap gathered by bees and used for natural cleaning.
  • Bone meal – produced from dry animal bones and used for supporting growing teeth.

Each of these ingredients renders regular toothpaste as not vegan. Make sure when buying a new toothpaste, you read the label and ask if not sure.

Toxic and Nasty Ingredients

While these ingredients are safe for vegans, they’re considered dangerous, and it’s advisable to avoid them where possible.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – foaming agent, linked with skin issues and cancer risk.
  • Carrageenan – thickener linked to intestinal inflammation and cancer.
  • Triclosan – a pesticide linked to antibiotic resistance and endocrine disruption.
  • Diethanolamine (DEA) – foaming agent linked to hormone disruption and cancer risk.

When buying any toothpaste, read the label carefully and make sure it doesn’t include any of them. A simple way to avoid these ingredients is to buy natural toothpaste only.

Ingredients to Look For in Vegan Toothpaste

We’ve established the animals and nasty ingredients to avoid. Here are the ingredients you can expect to find in most vegan toothpaste:

  • Neem Leaf Extract – prevents and heals gum disease, prevents cavities, eliminates bacteria and inflammation of the gums.
  • Xylitol – prevents bacteria on teeth, repairs damage to the enamel, and protects teeth from decay and cavities.
  • Baking Soda – removes plaque from teeth, polishes teeth, makes teeth whiter, and fights bad breath.
  • Stevia – natural antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and has antihypertensive properties. Also helps prevent gingivitis.

Labels to Look For When Buying Vegan Toothpaste

Labels to Look For When Buying Vegan Toothpaste

Labels make a vegan’s life easier. So, here are the labels to look out for and what they mean.

  • Certified Vegan Logo – products that do not contain animal products or byproducts and have not been tested on animals.
  • Cruelty-Free Logo – products that are not tested on animals.
  • USDA-Organic – products with 100% organic ingredients.
  • Non-GMO – products that contain no GMO ingredients.

Brands to Avoid

The toothpaste market is dominated by several brands. All are non-vegan because they test on animals. They also include lots of the nasty ingredients listed above. Many of these brands are owned by major cosmetic companies such as Unilever, Glaxo-Kline Smith, and Johnson & Johnson.

  • Aim
  • Aquafresh
  • Close-up
  • Colgate
  • Crest
  • Listerine
  • Mentadent
  • Pearl Drops
  • Reach
  • Scope
  • Sensodyne
  • Signal

How Do You Know a Toothpaste is 100% Vegan?

The simplest way to know your toothpaste is vegan is to look out for certified vegan brands and hold the green vegan logo. However, most toothpaste brands are not yet vegan accredited, so you may have to do your research.

Using websites like iHerb will help you to buy vegan toothpaste online. iHerb has special filters to ensure what you’re buying is 100% vegan.

If buying in a store, it’s best to know the non-vegan ingredients before heading out. You can then check the list against the ingredients on the box and buy in confidence.

You will soon discover your favorite brand of vegan toothpaste and will no longer have to check each time you shop.

Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

Natural toothpaste activated charcoal and bamboo toothbrush

Natural toothpaste uses 100% natural ingredients, and sometimes they’re also organic. Here are the benefits of choosing a natural toothpaste over regular brands.

Safe Cleaning

Using natural toothpaste ensures you’re not consuming any nasty or toxic ingredients that may actually damage your teeth and general health.

Natural toothpaste still removes bacteria and cleans your gums. Your toothpaste will do all the actual work of removing food bits from difficult areas.

Removes Stains

Natural toothpaste is actually much more effective at moving stains than regular toothpaste. Why? Most natural toothpaste includes silica, which is a natural mineral that is great at whitening your teeth.

You will also likely have baking soda in your natural toothpaste, which helps whiten and polish your precious teeth.

Actual Fresh Breath

Regular toothpaste uses a lot of cheap and unnatural ingredients that mock mint and produce a weird type of freshness in your mouth. When you use natural toothpaste, you immediately feel the difference.

Natural toothpaste uses real and natural ingredients such as spearmint oil, which is much better as giving you fresh breath than chemicals and additives.

Safer for Children

Some children tend to swallow toothpaste as they learn to brush. As regular toothpaste is filled with chemicals, it’s not great for the children’s health. But using a natural toothpaste is much more preferable because everything is 100% natural.

Swallowing natural toothpaste won’t result in stomach aches or digestive issues.

Avoid Allergic Reactions

You might not even know it, but you could have an allergy to certain chemicals in regular toothpaste. Chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl sulfate can cause inflammation, whereas having an allergy to natural toothpaste is highly unlikely.

Final Thoughts

Natural and vegan toothpaste are becoming increasingly popular because they make sense. Who wants a toothpaste filled with nasty toxic ingredients, when you could have something natural and cruelty-free that does the same job?

If you’re vegan and just realized your regular toothpaste isn’t vegan, it’s time to make the switch using the list of best products in this article.


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