TOP-10 Best Vegan Podcasts To Listen To In 2024

Best Vegan Podcasts: 10 Vegan Podcasts to Listen to + Advice on How to Start Listening

Podcasts are a great way to learn about the topics we love. Over the last ten years, podcasts have become a dominant media format, with millions downloading their favorite podcasts daily.

Vegans have also welcomed podcasts into their lives. Podcasts are the perfect platform for vegans to discuss the various issues surrounding veganism and help us learn more about what is happening and the best forms of advocacy.

Beyond learning, podcasts are also highly entertaining. They’re not always about deep and serious issues; some are just great fun to sit back and listen to for a couple of hours.

In this article, we take a look at the best vegan podcasts available in 2020. The podcasts vary in topics from nutrition to cooking to activism and fitness.

The Best Vegan Podcasts

The ChickPeeps Vegan Podcast

The ChickPeeps Vegan Podcast

Host Evanna Lynch alongside co-hosts Momoko Hill, Robbie Jarvis, and Tylor Starr, have created a truly entertaining vegan podcast with The ChickPeeps. You may recognize the hosts Evanna Lynch, she is the actress who played the weird but wonderful Luna Lovegood character in the Harry Potter film franchise.

The ChickPeeps is mostly funny but sometimes serious when it comes to discussion on animal rights. Guests that feature the show include vegan chefs, activists, business owners, doctors, and athletes.

Search for the episode with world-famous vegan activist Earthling Ed for an exceptional show.

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Generation V Podcast with Nimai Delgado

Generation V Podcast with Nimai Delgado

If you’ve been vegan for a while, there is no doubt you’ll know Nimai Delgado. He is a prominent figure in the vegan fitness world, helping thousands of radically change their diets and lifestyle using a plant-based diet.

Most recently, Nimai featured on the hugely popular (and controversial) Netflix documentary, The Game Changers. Nimai is a massive advocate for the vegan fitness community, proving that you can hit the same elite fitness goals even when powered by plants.

Nimai is also very humble and somewhat spiritual. His social media platform is often used to provide positive and life-affirming messages that help his followers stay on track with their life goals.

The Generation V Podcast explores the world of vegan fitness alongside some of the most prominent vegan athletes in the world as it’s guests. The podcast is full of great advice for any vegan ken on fitness, health, and general well-being.

For a very special episode, check out the one with vegan strongman Patrick Baboumian as its star guest.

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Our Hen House

Our Hen House Podcast Screenshot

Hosts Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan have created an excellent vegan podcast with Our Hen House. This is a unique and fun podcast with the sole aim of creating a more animal-friendly world and boosting people’s knowledge of veganism.

Guests include some of the most interesting and hard-working vegans in the community from all over the world. You’ll also regularly hear from vegan doctors talk about the latest research on the plant-based diet.

Our Hen hosts also dedicate some time to reviewing some of the latest vegan products and companies as they’re launched. The podcast can help you stay on the pulse and make sure you don’t miss out on important vegan news.

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Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!

Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!

This vegan podcast is all about tough topics. How do we discuss veganism with others? How do we talk about the uncomfortable truths behind animal ag with friends and family? How can we be the best vegan activist possible?

The Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! The podcast goes in deep on serious topics that include anti-capitalist, feminist, anarchist, and vegan perspectives. There are very few topics that aren’t discussed. Topics can be unpredictable, but they’re always interesting.

Vegans that are very outspoken about their lifestyle will enjoy this podcast more than anyone else. At the end of the day, the show is there to support and inform the vegan community. New vegans may find it a little intense, but we encourage you to give it a go.

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Brown Vegan with Monique Koch

Brown Vegan with Monique Koch

The Brown Vegan podcast is invaluable listening for those wanting to create a wonderful vegan lifestyle for themselves and their family. Guests are invited on with the sole intention to provide insight on best vegan practices and inspiration.

The podcast is also fun with Monique, who has a wonderful personality and sense of humor. If you’re brand new to veganism, this is a great podcast to help you settle into the lifestyle. Tips for nutrition, cooking, shopping, and general lifestyle advice are the main focal point here.

Often, vegan podcasts can seem a little intense and judgemental. The Brown Vegan is a very humble and supportive podcast that will inspire you to live with positivity and gradually introduce you to the plant-based vegan lifestyle.

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Nutrition Facts with Dr. Michael Greger

Nutrition Facts with Dr. Michael Greger

If you have been vegan for a while already, you may already know Dr. Micheal Greger. He is the author of the international bestseller “How Not to Die“, which supports a plant-based diet for better health and improved longevity. He is also the owner of, a “strictly non-commercial, science-based public service provided by Dr. Michael Greger.”

The Nutrition Facts Podcast with Dr. Michael Greger is an invaluable source of information about plant-based diets, nutrition, foods, and health. If you want to learn about vegan nutrition on a deeper level, this podcast is an excellent source of knowledge.

Much vegan food and nutrition podcasts are out there, but this is the only one with high credibility backed by doctors and the latest research available. You can learn about everything from vegan pregnancy to soy health benefits to complete proteins and raising vegan children. If you want to know more about the science behind vegan nutrition, Dr. Michael Greger has your back.

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Main Street Vegan

Main Street Vegan

Host Victoria Moran presents a fantastic podcast about all things vegan with plenty of news, gossip, and anything else to do with veganism. Many special guests include nutritionists, chefs, doctors, fitness coaches, activists, and more.

The appeal of Main Street Vegan is Victoria Moran herself. She is clearly a passionate vegan who has a wonderful personality and great interviewing techniques. She can get the best out of each guest, and it really shows in each episode.

One of the Main Street Vegan podcast highlights is the interviews with people working on impressive projects. Sometimes it can feel like the world is becoming a more hostile and uninviting place. It’s great to be reminded that there are still great people doing extraordinary things out there for people, animals, and the planet.

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The Disclosure Podcast

The Disclosure Podcast

Earthling Ed is one of the most famous and well-respected vegan activists on the planet. He has the patience of a saint and advocates veganism in a calm, intelligent, and rational manner that people adore. Ed himself is a knowledgeable and passionate individual. Whether you’re watching his YouTube videos or listening to his podcast, you’re guaranteed to listen in awe.

If you don’t know who Earthling Ed is then, you should immediately go to YouTube and watch his viral video, “You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again.” Earthling Ed has been on TEDx, and he routinely visits some of the biggest and best universities, schools, and corporations in the world to talk about veganism.

The Disclosure Podcast is Earthling Ed’s creation in which he doesn’t just interview other vegans, but he sits down with dairy farmers and anti-vegans to better understand their views. This all makes for very entertaining listening and should not be missed.

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That Vegan Couple

The Disclosure Podcast

The famous vegan couple, Natasha and Luca, are renowned for their activism and outspoken content on veganism. If you want some genuinely interesting insights and thoughts on veganism, That Vegan Couple is perfect for you.

The most useful content they produce includes advice on effectively communicating about your veganism with friends and loved ones. Topics are not restricted to veganism either. The couple often discusses other things like minimalist living, marriage, and mental health.

For a truly interesting couple of hours, listen to the episode “Do You Suffer from Vystopia?.” The couple has a great conversation about the condition of Vystopia, coined by the author Clare Mann in her book “Vystopia: the anguish of being vegan in a non-vegan world“.

We highly recommend listening to the podcast as well as reading the book. That Vegan Couple Podcast is one of the most interesting, fun, and educational podcasts for vegans.

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Rich Roll

Rich Roll Podcast Screenshot

Rich Roll is an elite endurance athlete that swears by the vegan diet as his source of strength, endurance, recovery, and vitality. He has written books about his journey from a mediocre lifestyle to an elite athlete during his 40’s and has inspired the world to get up and do more with their precious life.

Rich Roll’s podcast is an epic source of motivation and inspiration for anyone interested in or living the vegan lifestyle. You can expect A-list guests both from the vegan community and the professional sports world.

Topics typically center around fitness, food, nutrition, lifestyle, motivation, and spirituality. He doesn’t always discuss veganism, but the show is still exciting and full of valuable information. Previous guests include Jay Shetty, Dr. Michael Gregor, James Altucher, and Guru Singh.

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How to Listen to Podcasts for Beginners

If you read this article and are interested in the podcasts listed but have never explored the world of podcasts, here are some beginner tips just for you.

Choose a Device to Listen

Most people who enjoy podcasts use their smartphones or tablets. But you can also use your laptop and smart speakers like Alexa.

Using an iPhone or iPad

If using an Apple device, you already have a pre-installed app called “Podcasts.” But, you can also use Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher, and Podcast Addict by downloading them on the App Store.

Using an Android Device

Newer Android devices should have Google Podcasts pre-installed. If using an older device, you can download Google Podcast or Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, or iHeartRadio.

Find Podcasts

Now you have your chosen app, you can use the app’s search function to find your desired podcast. For example, if you want to listen to Earthling Ed’s vegan podcast, simply type “The Disclosure Podcast” in the search bar. You should find it within seconds.

Most podcast apps are good at learning about your interests after a short time using the app. You will then get suggestions based on your history of listening. This is a great way to discover other podcasts you may enjoy.

You can also search by genres such as lifestyle, politics, fitness, health, finance, etc. You will also get a podcast chart that shows you what the majority of the people using the app are currently listening to.

Listening to Podcasts

If you have WiFi, you can simply listen to podcasts by streaming them live on your device. If you’re out and about, it’s a good idea to download the episodes or series you want to listen to before leaving the house and still on WiFi.

Listening to podcasts on data will cost you a small fortune. Always prepare your downloads before traveling. To prevent clogging up your phone’s memory, most podcast apps have a setting to remove the episode download once listened to.

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If you’re the forgetful type, another setting allows your phone to stop streaming a podcast should the WiFi drop. This prevents using all your data up by accident and without you knowing.

Using Alexa

If using Alexa, the smart speaker from Amazon with built-in AI, then you can ask Alexa to play a podcast episode for you. Simply command Alexa by saying her name followed by the name of the podcast. For example, “Alexa! Play the Generation V Podcast with Patrick Baboumian.” Alexa should then immediately find the specific episode and begin to play for you.


When you discover a great podcast that you love to listen to, you can subscribe to the podcast, so you never miss a show. Your podcast app can then be set to alert you when new episodes are released.

You can even set some apps to automatically download new episodes on your favorite podcast, ready for when you leave your house.

Subscribing also helps to build awareness for the producers of the show and boost their number of listeners. This is an excellent way of supporting the people that work hard to produce the great content you enjoy listening to.

The vast majority of podcasts are entirely free to listen to. Some shows require a paid subscription. Don’t worry, your app should show a pop-up message and ask you to confirm paid subscriptions, so you don’t sign up by accident.

Final Thoughts

Podcasts have become hugely popular because they’re a great way of learning and being entertained at the same time. If you’re a newbie to veganism or a veteran, we’re sure that you will find the perfect vegan podcast that suits you.

If you’re not yet on the podcasting train, get yourself a podcast app and start listening to some shows to try it out. Most people find they enjoy podcasts a lot more than they initially thought they would. Before you know it, you will be on a treadmill listening to your favorite podcast.


How Do I Find Podcasts?



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