The Best Vegan Nootropics For Improved Cognition And Focus

The Best Vegan Nootropics on the Market Including Benefits, Key Ingredients, and Safety

Noowhat? Many of you may never have heard of Nootropics before. What are they? Put simply, they’re a bit like the drug Bradley Cooper takes in the film “Limitless.” I’m not saying you’ll become a candidate for the presidential election, but they’re designed to make you “smarter.”

Nootropics are being labeled as a “new age drug” or “smart drug.” Nootropics are specially designed to maximize your brain’s cognitive function, improve focus, and allow you to be more productive.

Some Nootropics are artificial, but in this article, I’m only focusing on natural vegan nootropic products.

The Best Vegan Nootropics On the Market

Let’s begin with the best nootropics your money can buy. All the products below are natural, vegan, and are sold by reputable health brands.

1. Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro

Without a doubt, Mind Lab Pro is the best in the nootropic business. They’re 100% vegan, and their product is backed by research, scientific evidence, and testing in their own labs.

The main ingredients include Bacopa Monnieri, Lion’s Mane mushroom, phosphatidylserine, and citicoline. Mind Lab Pro holds themselves to a high standard of quality using premium natural ingredients and no nasty additives, allergens, GMOs, microbes, pesticides, and herbicides.

Each batch of Mind Lab Pro Nootropics is tested and re-tested to confirm potency, purity, and activity. The company also uses eco-friendly packaging.

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2. Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab is rapidly becoming one of the most trusted and reputable supplements brands on the planet. I frequently list their various products as some of the best on the market.

This nootropics supplement is no different, offering a high-quality combination of natural ingredients that have been tested and backed by research.

The two main ingredients are phosphatidylserine and citicoline, which have been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, improve cognition, improve focus, and support a good memory.

Performance Lab is entirely transparent about its ingredients. Each capsule is 100% vegan, GMP-certified, and free from caffeine, GMOs, synthetic additives, and soy.

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3. MRM, Neuro-Max II

MRM, Neuro-Max II

Neuro-Max II contains a powerful combination of SerinAid Phospholipid Complex, N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, Bacopa Monnieri, PureLeaf Ginkgo Biloba, Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom, and Ashwagandha Root Extract.

It is specially formulated advanced brain support for improved cognitive function, memory, focus, and blood flow. It is certified vegan, non-GMO, caffeine-free, and contains no nasty additives.

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4. Genius Consciousness

Genius Consciousness

Genius Consciousness is the most popular nootropic product on Amazon. With well over 11k reviews and 4 stars, something must be working. The products include a powerful combination of phosphatidylserine, Acetyl L Carnitine HCL, and L-Tyrosine.

Genius tests every product and never includes proprietary blends, artificial dyes, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, unnecessary fillers, or banned substances. The formulation used in built out of clinical research, there are no unnecessary ingredients to be found.

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5. Brain Powher

Brain Powher

Brian Powher is a powerful nootropics supplement that has been specially designed for women. It is entirely natural and includes Ashwagandha and Lion’s Mane mushroom to help reduce stress, fight anxiety symptoms, and allow you to relax and focus on your work.

The supplement is made in an FDA-registered facility, is vegan-certified, and is non-GMO. Powher is relatively new to the supplements game, but they’re growing in popularity for delivering high-quality gender-formulated products for a reasonable price.

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What Are Nootropics Supplements?

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers, AKA “smart drugs” that have been specially formulated to improve your mood, focus, and productivity.

The term “smart drugs,”, besides sounding sketchy and dystopian, is usually reserved for synthetic nootropics. In this article, I am only focusing on natural vegan nootropics. All the substances used within the above products are derived from natural sources.

The film “Limitless” is loosely based on nootropics but is, of course, sensationalized for entertainment purposes. Nootropics won’t make you ultra-intelligent and give you the ability to learn French under an hour.

Instead, nootropics use a combination of natural substances that are scientifically proven to improve your cognitive function. They’re handy for anyone with a demanding job that requires a lot of organization and focus.

What Are Nootropic Stacks?

Nootropic stacks, or nootropic stacking, is where multiple nootropic supplements are combined to create specific cognitive benefits. A nootropic will allow you to enhance one aspect of your brain. The idea behind nootropic stacks is to enhance multiple parts of your brain at the same time.

To stack nootropics, you can either take a pre-formulated nootropic stack (one product) or create your own using multiple products either simultaneously or in a specific sequence.

Do Vegans Need Nootropics?

Nobody needs nootropics, but they can be beneficial for some. Those working in quick-paced jobs that demand a lot of work, energy, and hours benefit the most. For this reason, nootropics are incredibly popular among business owners, entrepreneurs, college students, project managers, and athletes.

Those who are always looking to become more productive are always looking for new ways to support their busy lifestyles. Natural nootropics can be a safe way to boost one’s performance without buying anything illegal or dodgy.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Nootropics?

What Are the Benefits of Taking Nootropics?

Improved Focus

Nootropics typically include focus boosting ingredients like L-Theanine, an amino acid commonly found in tea leaves. Research suggests that L-Theanine helps young adults focus better on their tasks when combined with caffeine.

Mood Booster

Research has shown that the common nootropics ingredient Lion’s Mane may have benefits for depression and anxiety. L-Theanine and Bacopa Monnieri have also been found to help reduce stress in various studies.

Better Memory

Nootropics have been used for a long time to help improve people’s memory. Research has shown that nootropics can help improve short-term, long-term, and free recall memory.

Free recall is the brain’s ability to store a set of items, hold onto them for a few minutes, remember those items and express them in any order.

Nootropics improve memory because they typically include ingredients such as Phosphatidylserine, Citicoline, Bacopa Monnieri, Vitamin B6, and L-Tyrosine. All of which have been shown to boost one’s memory and enhance their free recall ability.

Increase Energy

Nootropics exclude the use of stimulants, but they can give you a ton of energy. By supporting healthy blood circulation, optimizing brain cells, and reducing stress, your brain has more energy to expend than usual.

Your brain consumes up to 20% of your overall energy.

Improved Sleep

Your brain’s function and patterns play a significant role in the quality of your sleep. The ingredients help to relax and calm you, improving the quality of your sleep each night.

L-Theanine is to thank for the improved sleep. Research has shown that this amino acid improves dream quality, energy when waking, mood, and recovery.

Reduce Stress

Stress has many implications for your mind and body. It can affect your performance in many ways, including your focus, memory, and energy.

The inclusion of ingredients like L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa Monnieri, and L-Theanine act like natural stress busters. Combining your body can help with mental recovery, enhance cognitive function, think under stress, and fight stress in general.

Improved Learning

Nootropics are incredibly popular with students due to their ability to help you learn more effectively. By improving your mental focus, reducing stress, boosting energy, and enhancing your memory, nootropics are a hard-working student’s best friend.

Bacopa Monnieri is a learner’s favorite nootropic, as it can actually slow down the rate at which we forget new knowledge.


Artists also love nootropics as it appears to help them become more creative in their workplace. Our brains are at their most creative when free of stress, relaxed, feeling calm but focused. Nootropics can help achieve all of this, leading to an enhanced creative ability.

There is no research to support these claims, but many nootropics consumers report a significant boost in their creativity.

Long-Term Benefits

The above is what you can expect in the short term when supplementing nootropics. But, there are plenty of long-term benefits to be realized too, including:

  • Anti-aging – designed to improve your brain’s cognitive ability, which starts to degenerate as early as your 20’s.
  • Neuroprotection – protects the brain from cell damage and degradation.
  • Brain Regeneration – acts as a growth promoter for brain cells.

What Are the Ingredients in Nootropics?

Best nootropic medicinal herbs for a healthy brain
Best nootropic medicinal herbs for a healthy brain

What makes nootropics so good for your brain? Below are the typical ingredients you can expect to find in most natural vegan nootropics supplements and their key benefits.


Citicoline is a chemical found in the brain and is produced naturally within the body. Citicoline helps to increase the production of another brain chemical called phosphatidylcholine (below).

Both citicoline and phosphatidylcholine are essential chemicals for improving the brain’s function. Citicoline is linked with improving memory loss and vision.


Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a phospholipid attached to a choline particle. It has been used for many years to improve brain function, support the liver, and regulate cholesterol.

Animal studies have shown that PCs can improve cognitive function and memory. A combination of PC and B12 in another study found many positive impacts on the brain.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s mane mushrooms are giant white mushrooms that look just like a lion’s mane and are also known as hou tou gu or yamabushitake. Lion’s mane is incredibly popular in parts of Asia and is used as a medicine to help with the brain, heart, and gut.

Studies have shown that Lion’s Mane improves the growth rate of brain cells. Other studies have found positive evidence of the mushroom improving overall mental functioning.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is a plant most commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Emerging studies suggest that this plant contains powerful antioxidants, reduces inflammation, and boosts brain function.


L-theanine is an amino acid commonly found in tea leaves. Studies suggest that supplementing L-theanine has lots of health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, increasing one’s focus, and improving sleep quality.

Vitamin B6, B9, and B12

B vitamins have some profound health benefits. Nootropics typically focus on vitamins B6, B9, and 12.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is excellent for protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism and helps create red blood cells and neurotransmitters. Studies have also shown B6 to be useful for improving mood and treating depression.

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) is useful for treating those with depression. One study found that those who suffer from depression had low levels of folate. Folate helps with the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine.

B12 is an essential vitamin most commonly found in animal foods. Vegans must supplement B12 regularly to avoid B12 deficiency. B12 helps with red blood cell formation, improves mood, helps your brain prevent loss of neurons, and improves memory.

Read more: “Choose The Best Vegan B12 Supplement Solution To Fulfill Your Need

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is a unique plant that grows in mountainous regions of both Europe and Asia. The Rhodiola plant roots are considered to be adaptogens, which means they body deal with stress when consumed.

Rhodiola Rosea is useful for helping reduce stress, fight fatigue, and improve brain function. Most notably, a person’s capacity for mental work.


L-tyrosine is an amino acid that helps the body make proteins, neurotransmitters, and other vital compounds. L-tyrosine boosts cognition and alertness and is one of the most popular ingredients for nootropics.

Vegans can benefit from supplementing l-tyrosine as it is most commonly found in meat and cheese.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime pine bark extract comes from the bark of a tree, Pinus Pinaster. The tree originates from southern Europe and today is used by various cultures around the world in herbal medicine to boost cognitive function and improve memory.

Scientists have discovered that this bark extract does indeed show signs of improving cognition and memory. They also found that maritime pine bark extract increases alertness, reduces anxiety, improves athletic performance, boosts nitric oxide production, and much more.

Ginkgo Biloba

Also known as maidenhair, ginkgo biloba is a popular supplement derived from a tree and most commonly used in Chinese medicine. Research suggests that this mighty leaf extract can contain antioxidants, improve brain function, overall well-being, and help fight against anxiety symptoms.

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Are Nootropics Safe?

Natural nootropics are generally safe as long as you avoid harsh nootropic stacking (combinations), large doses, and inferior manufacturers. Natural nootropics will only use 100% natural ingredients, which should not cause any side effects or dangers if taken per the recommended dosage.

“True” nootropics are free from side effects, but not all nootropics are created equal. This is why it is essential to always buy high-quality supplements and spend a little extra.

Final Thoughts

Nootropics are in no way an essential supplement. But, if you have the spare cash, they can be an excellent addition for those with hectic lives. If you need a natural solution to improving your focus, memory, and general cognition, nootropics are a safe solution.

Vegans can benefit from supplementing nootropics as they include various nutrients such as B vitamins, which are difficult to attain on a regular plant-based diet.


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