Best Vegan Motorcycle Gear In 2024 . Updated Buyer's Guide For Bikers

A Guide to the Best Vegan Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycling and leather are classic combinations. It’s not uncommon to overhear motorcyclists comparing their leather gear and or saying things like “I love the smell of leather”. But what is the best vegan motorcycle gear?

This guide will help all you vegan motorcyclists find the best vegan gear around. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you can’t buy stylish and safe gear.

The Best Vegan Motorcycle Gear

Every motorcyclist understands the need for safety gear. When it comes to vegan motorcycle gear, I’ll be honest, you don’t have many options. However, here is the best vegan motorcycle gear I could find that is available right now.

Gloves - Alpinestars Scheme Kevlar

Alpinestars Scheme Kevlar Textile Glove

These gloves from Alpinestars are simple in design and simple in style. They have been built for extra safety in a short cuff style that is excellent for city riding.

The gloves feature internal Kevlar reinforcement and Carbon Fiber knuckle protection. This helps to provide a strong defense for your hands. The fabric is made from denim and 3D mesh. Stylish design constructed using a Denim and 3D mesh for superior abrasion resistance.

You also get a combination of padded foam and carbon fibre knuckle protectors which offer superior safety against impacts. The Kevlar inner reinforcement helps to provide a robust internal shield against abrasion while keeping the glove light and flexible.

Finger flex gussets help to enhance your riding comfort, and the thumb foam padding gives you extra support and protection. The Airprene cuff with velcro flap closure allows you to slip the gloves on and off with ease with secure fastening.

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Boots - Sidi Mag-1

Sidi MAG-1 Motorcycle Boot

The Sidi Mag-1 is an example of how leather has become redundant, especially for boots. Using Technomicro synthetic leather, these boots are a top-quality product with no compromises.

For this boot, Sidi has opted for an internal ankle support system, rather than a traditional external. Made from carbon fibre, it is strong, and the rear upper section of the boot is made with polyurethane and connected to the carbon support beams. This ensures that you have good movement and flexibility.

Mag-1 features a ratcheting wire-loop system for closure and fitment. But this boot also features an all-new Micrometric Tecno 3 system. This uses a magnet in the clip attached to a steel wire loop that significantly eases the process of clipping the loop in and tightening it down.

The Mag-1 uses thermoplastic polyurethane straps. They’re used under each loop in both upper arch and lower shin areas to ensure maximum support and a good fit. Both the sole and Achilles area make use of Sidi’s elastic textile and polyurethane comfort panels.

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Jacket - Viking Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket

Jacket - Viking Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket

This is a beast of a motorcycle jacket from Viking. The Ironbon jacket is made from waterproof CE-approved 600D Cordura Armor. Basically, it passed the highest impact tests before hitting the market.

There is excellent padding throughout the entire jacket that will protect your back, especially. Shoulders and elbows are protected from abrasions. The jacket is designed to fully protect you in the event of a fall and slide.

The jacket gives you full protection while maintaining your ability to move freely and feel comfortable. It also comes with an advanced Waterproof Rock Tex 600 outer shell. Perfect for those riding in cold and wet climates.

For those in warmer climates, you also get zipper-locked vents that allow you to adjust the amount of airflow depending on the temperature. If it’s scorching, you can actually remove the entire inner zip-out liner.

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Helmet - HJC CL-17 Full Face

Helmet - HJC CL-17 Full Face


Your helmet is the number one most important piece of gear on the bike. If you fall and crack your head on the road that’s game over. No more biking, no more life. Always invest in a quality helmet.

The CL-17 from HJC is a high-quality piece of gear. The advanced polycarbonate composite shell is lightweight and extremely strong. And features superior fit and comfort by using CAD technology.

The helmet comes with an anti-scratch pin lock-ready face shield. There is also a side face shield lock mechanism for an ultra-secure seal. The RapidFire Shield Replacement System helps to provide an ultra-quick removal and installation of the face shield.

What I like most about this helmet is the ventilation. It stays cool for long hours on the bike, perfect for any long summer trips you have coming up.

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Pants – Viking Debonair Armor Biker

Viking Debonair Armor Biker

Another top-quality piece of gear from Viking Cycle. The Debonair Textile Pants are constructed out of heavy-duty 600D Cordura fabric. They come with reflective panels for visibility and ultra-strong protection and are even equipped with CE-approved armor.

They offer multiple storage areas and adjustable straps for your convenience. You also get some nifty vents that allow you to stay cool over long distances. Zip closure is included and can stand all weather by increasing the ventilation and is windproof.

The Debonair Armor Biker pants are incredibly comfortable and designed to give you proper motion while keeping you protected. Knees & hips are protected with the heavy-duty 600D Cordura fabric for extra protection against slides, impacts, and abrasions.

If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of vegan biker pants that are safe and durable, then look no further.

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A Few Suggestions on Choosing the Right Motorcycle Gear

Man in motorcycle with helmet and gloves

When looking for motorcycle gear, there are a few things to consider first. Here is some short advice for those in the market on what to consider, what to look for, and what to avoid.

Invest, Don’t Buy Budget

Don’t try to save money when looking for motorcycle gear. Look for the best quality gear you can find and make the investment. You simply can’t put a price on your safety and your life.

Decide on your budget and then save a little bit more so you can move to the next level. This is especially important when buying a helmet. Motorcycle helmets can reduce your risk of death by 42% and head injury by 69% in a crash.

The best quality gear is made with armor. CE-rated gear is always preferred, this is a top European standard that tests gear on the highest impacts.

Choose the Right Size

Always try it on first and if you buy online, make sure you get a return policy. Your gear should be snug without it being too tight, and it should be breathable. Look for gear that includes built-in ventilation that helps improve airflow and keeps you cool.

When your gear fits correctly, in the case of a slide or crash, it is more likely to stay on your body and keep you protected. Adjustable features are also useful so that you can customize the size of your body.

Some gear like jackets will include zip-in linings which can be altered or removed. These allow you to adjust the fit and ventilation to accommodate all the seasons.

When trying on your new gear, make sure you get on your bike in the seating position so you can see how it feels. Make any adjustments you need and get a feel for the gear, make sure you have excellent mobility and you’re not restricted in any way. Only buy when happy with it. Never let a salesperson rush your decision to purchase safety gear!

Solid Construction

The way your gear is built is extremely important. Ensure that the gear you buy is triple stitched with a smooth finish. This way, it is likely to be more durable and resistant to breaking open during a slide.

Make sure the seams are not uncomfortable or distracting when wearing. There is nothing worse than a sharp seam digging into your leg for hours on end.

When it comes to boots, you should look for solid ankle protection, steel shank, shifter pad, and some toe protection. Achilles protection is also useful. The soles should be stitched on and not just glued.

Get Some Visibility

One of the biggest causes of accidents for motorcyclists is car drivers who can not see them. It’s important to get gear that has reflective features that help other people on the road see you more clearly.

The larger the surface of your reflective panels, the better. Wearing a high-viz vest over your jacket is also a good idea.

Weather Resistance

When you’re out on the bike for long periods the weather can change dramatically. Make sure you buy quality gear that is designed to be water and wind-resistant.

Ideally, you want fully water-proof gear so you can stay dry and comfortable. This will cost you much more as you will likely be buying GORE-TEX materials, but it’s more than worth it.

The wind can also be a nightmare for motorcyclists. Jackets and pants with extra padding can help to keep unfazed by wind and help you keep your focus on the road.

The Devil is in the Details – Additional Important Features

Biker Stuff - Motorcycle Gear

When it comes to high-quality motorcycle gear, there are few things that many lesser-known features people forget about.

Opt for Metallic

When it comes to materials for motorcycle gear always opt for metallic over plastic. It is typically much sturdier and more durable.

Remember, when you have a crash, you will have wished you chose the most durable materials possible, so buy them before the crash rather than after.


Pockets are essential but often not thought about enough. You want to find motorcycling gear with easy to access the interior and exterior pockets. If you’re buying waterproof, make sure the pockets are sealed.

Breathable Mesh Membrane

Essential for anyone planning to head out into the sun or who live in warmer climates. Breathability is everything!

A breathable mesh membrane helps to increase airflow in the jacket and helps to prevent you from sweating. Many leather jackets don’t have this feature. All the more reason to buy a vegan motorcycle jacket.

Removable Thermal Linings

Thermal linings help keep you warm during the colder months, but the weather can be unpredictable. What is it suddenly warm-up and you’re wearing a huge thermal lined jacket?

Buying a jacket with a removable thermal lining makes life easier. Just stop the bike, take the lining out, and put the jacket back on. You’re still protected but now much cooler.

Quality Zippers

Poor quality zippers are extremely annoying while out on a ride. Some get stuck, they’re flimsy and some take a break. It’s well worth investing in a jacket with quality zippers.

Opt for zippers made with metallic. They’re much sturdier, durable, and easy to manage. Avoid flimsy plastic zippers like the plague.

How to Clean a Vegan Leather Jacket

Motorcycle Guy Wearing Helmet and Leather Jacket Gearing Up

Unlike the fashion world, vegan leather jackets are usually made with synthetic leathers using PV or PU. These materials are better known as faux leather. Who knows, maybe one day we will have vegan motorcycle jackets made from mushrooms, pineapple leaves, or apples. We’’ have to wait and see.

To clean a faux leather jacket, all you need is a soft wet cloth and then allow the jacket to dry naturally. After, you can then spray the jacket with a waterproofing solution to help keep any moisture away.

Once the solution has been absorbed into the jacket, you can use vaseline to treat the jacket. This helps the jacket to maintain its leather looks and improve durability and performance.

Final Thoughts

Every motorcyclist needs high-quality protective gear. Vegans don’t have to compromise on top-quality motorcycle gear, many brands are selling excellent vegan equipment made with non-animal materials.

Always invest in quality motorcycle gear so that you’re well-protected out on the road. Synthetic materials are now outweighing real leather as they offer the rider more comfort, mobility, breathability, and resistance to the elements.

While you won’t get that “leather smell” that is so often discussed among bikers, you will probably get better protection, and you’ll have less impact on animals and the planet. Win-win.


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