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A Guide to the Best and Tastiest Vegan Meal Delivery Services

Vegan food is slowly becoming the fastest growing food trend in takeaways. In the UK, vegan food was the fastest-growing takeaway in the country last year! Now, you can get all the tasty vegan food you need, delivered straight to your door. Here is our list of the best vegan meal delivery services that provide the ingredients and full meals that are ready to eat.

The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services 2020

#1 Purplecarrot

purple carrot delivery service website

Purplecarrot is a smart and innovative food delivery service offering some great vegan meal packages. Compared to other food delivery services, Purplecarrot seems way more into veganism and providing the best meals possible.

The website is full of interesting information where they discuss exactly why you should eat more plants and the benefit of doing so. They deliver all the ingredients you require for each meal. This comes with a simple recipe for how to put it all together.

You only need some basic cooking skills and equipment for most of their recipes, making them one of the simpler options. Great for those who dislike cooking or need extra convenience.

Purplecarrot also offers some special meals such as “high protein,” “gluten-free,” and “quick and easy.” These are an excellent addition which many of you will be sure to enjoy.

Their plans are relatively simple and flexible. Best suited to single people or those in a small family. The 2 serving plan consists of three meals a week for $11.99 per serving. The 4 serving plan includes two meals a week for $9.99 per serving.

Meal highlights include an almond butter tofu bowl, roasted red pepper shakshuka, and delicious warm Japanese yam and shitake salad.

#2 Veestro

veestro delivery service website

Veestro is all about vegan, organic, and healthy meals packed full of natural goodness. The company was formed by a couple who decided they had had enough of frozen meals with ingredient lists filled with complicated names and E numbers.

So far, the couple has delivered over 2 million meals and was awarded the best meal delivery by Veg News in 2018. Most of their meals are ready to eat within 5 minutes, making them the best choice for those lacking in free time.

There are three categories to choose from, including “A La Carte,” “Chef’s Choice,” and “Weight Loss.” All the produce is 100% USDA-Organic and plant-based. All the meals are cooked by Veestro, ready for you to warm up when you’re ready to eat. There is no prep or cooking needed and no cleaning up after either.

Polina Zueva
Certified nutritionist. Vegan for more than 10 years. Pole dance instructor. Fitness Athlete.
What I really like about Veestro is that you’re not tied down to any sort of commitment. Your orders are fully customizable, you can change the meals at any time, and you can pause or cancel the services whenever you want.
— Polina Zueva Certified nutritionist. Vegan for more than 10 years. Pole dance instructor. Fitness Athlete.

Veestro provides each meal for around $13 each. Meal highlights from Veestro include a yummy beluga lentil braise, kale quinoa salad, and mushroom stroganoff.

#3 Green Chef

greenchef delivery service website

Green Chef is another USDA-Certified organization providing its customers with high-quality vegan ingredients. They have labeled themselves ‘your sous Chef,” which makes sense considering everything is delivered ready for you to cook.

Green Chef is great for anyone that dislikes cooking but doesn’t want their meal pre-cooked in a box. A lot of the process of cooking is shopping, chopping, and preparing. So, Green Chef has eliminated all that for you with their service.

Watch out, Green Chef isn’t 100% vegan. They have all sorts of meals that include meat and dairy. So, be very careful when creating your meal plan and make sure it’s labeled vegan before selecting each one.

The plan you want to choose is called “Plant-Powered” and it includes three recipes a week that serve 2 people you pay $11.99 per serving.

The meals provided by Green Chef vary, and you will need to express some interest to discover what is currently available by signing up first

#4 Vegin’ Out

veginout delivery service website

Vegin’ Out delivers vegan meal plans. They are committed to providing simple, healthy, organic, and well-balanced meals straight to your door.

Polina Zueva
Certified nutritionist. Vegan for more than 10 years. Pole dance instructor. Fitness Athlete.
What I really like about Vegin’ Out is what they don’t include rather than what they do include. All their meals are cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, preservatives-free, trans-fat-free, and low fat in general. Perfect for any healthy vegans out there!
— Polina Zueva Certified nutritionist. Vegan for more than 10 years. Pole dance instructor. Fitness Athlete.

Their vegan menu includes power oats, lentil bolognese, sweet & sour tofu, and black forest vegan cookies!

#5 UrthBox

urthbox delivery service website

UrthBox has a huge selection of delicious and healthy vegan snacks. The company has been widely recognized by companies like Forbes and TechCrunch for its innovative service.

The company is dedicated to providing a monthly health box jam pack full of vegan treats and goodies that will have you smiling. You can choose from a mini box (7+ snacks) all the way up to a large box (27+ snacks).

Each box varies in what products are provided. You can expect to receive things like snack bars, nuts & seeds, crisps, cookies, superfoods, granola, crackers, trail mixes, dried fruits, dried vegetables, new age beverages, and chocolate.

#6 Fresh n’ Lean

freshnlean delivery service website

Fresh n’ Lean provides a wide variety of meals that are chilled and then ready to cook and eat. No ingredients, no cooking, and no faff. Just great meals ready to go whenever you’re hungry.

All the ingredients used are fresh with a focus on healthy, nutrient-dense meals. This is not a 100% vegan company, so you need to select their special plant-based meal plan. They also have unique options, including “gluten-free” meals.

Highlight meals from Fresh n’ Lean include maple parsley carrot with tofu, garlic asparagus with mushroom, and lemon sauteed cauliflower with brown rice. Fresh n’ Lean is an excellent choice for any vegans with fitness goals.

What’s especially great about Fresh n’ Lean is the price at just $8.40 a meal. Much more competitive than other delivery services on this list.

#7 Daily Harvest

daily harvest delivery service website

Daily Harvest is all about high-quality and organic foods. Great for any health and eco-conscious vegans. Their meals are built around fruits and vegetables, which is a nice change-up from other vegan delivery services that center around tofu.

The Daily Harvest website has lots of great info about their ingredients, they seem passionate about healthy eating, and they have great reviews.

Typical meals from the Daily Harvest include brussels sprouts and lime pad Thai, sweet potato and wild rice hash, and butternut squash and kale shakshuka. They also have a wide range of flatbreads, smoothies, soups, and oat bowls to choose from.

The pricing isn’t too bad, and you can get $30 off your first order.

#8 Sakara

sakara delivery service website

100% plant-based, organic, and ready to eat. Sakara is a convenient and straightforward meal delivery service for health-conscious vegans.

What I love about Sakara is all the different types of programs you can choose from. They include The Healthy Body Project, Signature Program (Level I), Detox (Level II), and Brides. Each one has been carefully crafted for different goals.

The menu includes delicious meals such as maple sweet potato bowl, red beet burger, and middle-eastern bowl.

Sakara also carries a wide range of protein powders, supplements, snacks, and chocolate in their online store. The meal plans vary a lot in price depending on what program you choose, but the prices are a lot more than others on this list.

#9 Territory Foods

territoryfoods delivery service website

Flexible meal plans all designed by a professional chef and delivered straight to your door. Territory Foods isn’t 100% vegan, but they have a great vegan meal plan to take advantage of.

Using a network of local chefs, nutritionists, and food scientists, the Territory Foods team has designed some impressive meal plans that suit everyone.

All the foods are gluten-free and free from refined sugars. The vegan meal plan features some top dishes, including chipotle black bean tacos, smothered tofu with smashed potato and gravy, and vegan cheese enchiladas.

The standard plan with Territory Foods is $13.95 per meal, but you will need to pay $7 for each delivery also.

Territory Foods also donates over a pound of recovered food with every order to those in need via Feeding America. (check our article about the best vegan charities).

 #10 Foodflo

foodflo delivery service website

I like Foodflo simply because it’s a bit more innovative than other food delivery services. Their meals are unique and inspire you with your own cooking.

The company is also PETA-approved and run by celebrity chef Florence Bertheau. It is also one of the most popular delivery services in the LA area. Each meal has been carefully crafted for a rich and healthy experience.

All the meals are 100% vegan and are nutrient-dense. They include high-protein meals, are organic, gluten-free, and made using alkaline water. Basically, their meals are really natural and healthy!

The small weekly package will cost you around $110, and the large weekly package will set you back $150. If you purchase the 8-week package now, you will save $100.

Why More People Are Using Vegan Delivery Services

Postman and express grocery delivery service during covid19

There are several reasons an increasing number of people are choosing vegan delivery services.


The first and most obvious answer is that food delivery services are convenient. Our modern bust lives are leaving us with less time to spend in the kitchen.

After a long day at work, many people don’t want to spend another hour of their day in a kitchen preparing food. Which is understandable. Food delivery services solve this issue, allowing people to come home to a delicious, healthy meal that is ready to eat.

Help Transitioning

Going vegan isn’t easy. At first, you may not have a clue where to start. What should you eat? What are the good recipes? What do you replace your meat with?

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A vegan delivery service is a great way to support your initial transition period. It will help you to understand what kind of vegan meals are possible.

Some of the vegan delivery services provide you with the exact ingredients to cook a meal with the recipe. Again, this is really convenient during your transition to veganism and can help you to learn how to manage your vegan diet.

Access to Healthy and Organic Foods

Not everyone has a local supermarket full of healthy and organic produce. The most popular vegan delivery services sell local and organic ingredients.

This can help you maintain a healthy diet and ensure you’re only eating the very best produce. Once you have factored in the time and fuel needed to go out to a supermarket, you may find a delivery service cheaper too.

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Inability to Shop Themselves

Not all of us are blessed with convenient working hours or the physical ability to go shopping. Some people depend on food delivery services just so they can eat.

For example, if you’re a nurse and work long shifts at the hospital every day, you probably don’t have the luxury of setting aside an hour to go food shopping and another hour to cook every night.


Let’s just be honest, we’re not all as pumped to go food shopping as others. Some of us prefer sitting at home, watching Netflix while we wait for our delivery.

There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a service that has been created to make your busy life that little bit easier.

What to Watch Out for With Vegan Delivery Services

Vegetable salads in kraft paper plates sold outdoors at local market place

Make Sure It’s Vegan!

This may sound strange, but many of the delivery services available avoid using the term “vegan” and instead choose the name “plant-based”. For most people, plant-based means vegan, but it’s not always guaranteed.

Always double-check that what you are buying is 100% vegan. Some of the delivery services listed above are not vegan companies and also sell meat/dairy. So exercise extra caution when purchasing from them.

Be Clear About Your Food Preferences

If you have specific allergies or intolerances, then make sure you spend some extra time to make sure the meals you select are safe for you to eat.

Thankfully, many of these delivery services available have lots of filters to ensure you get the right foods in your plan. Some of the meals are created in the same kitchens as meat, dairy, nuts, gluten, and so on.

If your allergies are really bad, you will want to make sure you buy from a safe place where there has been no contamination. Or if you simply don’t like the idea of your vegan food being prepared in the same room as meat, choose a vegan-only delivery service.

Don’t Get Trapped Into a Contract You Can’t Afford

Some of the food delivery services ask that you sign a contract for a minimum amount of time. If you think you may struggle to keep up with payments, it’s best to choose a company without contracts like Veestro, where there is no commitment, and you cancel at any time.

Failure to make payments for a contract service may result in personal money issues and a bad credit score.




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