TOP-6 Best Vegan Fat Burner Supplements On The Market In 2024

The Best Vegan Fat Burner Supplements. Benefits & Side Effects

You may think a fat burner supplement sounds like some sort of scam. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so either. The internet is full of “miracle” fat-burning pills that will help you drop “100 pounds in 2 days! BUY NOW!”

Today, I’m not talking about these scammy products. We’re talking about high-quality vegan fat burning supplements that contain natural ingredients. Ingredients that are scientifically proven to help you lose weight when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

What are the best vegan fat burners? The best vegan fat burners on the market are from the brands Powher, Performance Lab, PhenQ, Lean PM, Lean Bean, and Old School Labs Vintage. They use a combination of 100% natural ingredients to help boost your metabolism, enhance your energy, and improve your mood.

Finding vegan fat burners specifically for vegans can be difficult. So, I’ve gone through the trouble of finding the best ones for you.

The 6 Best Vegan Fat Burner Supplements

Here are 6 high-quality vegan fat burner supplements made with natural ingredients and with none of the bullshit. All from trusted brands within the supplements industry.

1. POWHER Fat Burner (Formulated for Women)

POWHER Fat Burner (Formulated for Women)

Powher has been specifically designed with women in mind. It comes from the brand Ultimate Life who is well recognized for its female supplements.

The unique formula has been designed as an effective fat burner using ingredients like konjac fiber, which has been shown to decrease your appetite. It will also give you an energy boost via 100mg of caffeine, helping to maximize your workouts.

Choline is another unique ingredient that helps to burn fat more effectively and is also an essential nutrient that vegans get only small amounts of in their regular diet.

You will also get a healthy dose of iron (essential for vegan women), magnesium, and selenium. What I love about Powher is that it’s not just an effective fat burner, but it also aids women in better nutritional health. This is the beauty of supplements designed specifically for women.

All the ingredients in Powher are 100% natural, plant-based, and have been specially formulated to attack fat on several different levels.

Currently, you can only buy the Powher fat burner on their official website.

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2. Performance Lab Fat Burner

Performance Lab Fat Burner

It’s not the first time that a Performance Lab product has made one of our top supplements lists. There is a good reason for that, Performance Lab is a trustworthy brand making high-quality supplements.

This fat burner supplement is one of the top-rated vegan fat burners on the market. It is 100% vegan and uses 100% plant-based ingredients. It is effective at boosting your metabolism, burning extra fat during your workouts, and will even give you a boost of energy for your workout.

The Performance Lab fat burner contains a trio of natural thermogenics, including black pepper, cayenne pepper, and Forskolin. There is no caffeine, no strange jitter side effects, and the ingredients are backed by research.

This is a solid and reliable choice from Performance Lab. It is currently only available on the official Performance Lab website.

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3. PhenQ Fat Burner

PhenQ Fat Burner

PhenQ is relatively new to the market but has proven to be one of the best. It has gained quick popularity for its no-nonsense product and packaging.

What’s unique about PhenQ is that its ingredients don’t just help burn existing fat, but help prevent new fat from forming. This is effective for quick fat burn and weight loss.

This fat burner includes caffeine to help boost mental and physical energy. This is great for a boost of energy in the gym and will make you work harder. The high fiber nopal cactus ingredient is designed to help you feel less hungry while giving you longer-lasting energy.

You will also get a dose of L-Carnitine, which further helps to burn fat. The trio of thermogenics for PhenQ are capsicum, piperine, and niacin.

The PhenQ fat burner is an effective weight loss aid and even contains ingredients that are proven to boost your mood. The formula is scientifically proven also.

Because this supplement contains caffeine, it’s advised not to take after 3pm. Which might not be useful for any evening gym-goers.

The product is currently only available on the Phenq website.

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4. Lean PM Fat Burner

Lean PM Fat Burner

Lean PM is an excellent fat burner product because it solves a common problem. Most other fat burners (including ones on this list) are packed full of caffeine, which means you can’t take them in the afternoon.

Lean PM solves this issue by creating a fat burner with zero caffeine but retaining energy-boosting properties using natural ingredients like green tea extract. Lean PM also features some ingredients that help induce a better night’s sleep, including melatonin, L-theanine, and vitamin B6.

Lean PM focuses on sleep aids because sleep is vital for weight loss. If a person does not get enough sleep, it can affect your diet and exercise. A lack of sleep will make you less likely to exercise, which results in less motivation to eat healthily, and so begins a toxic cycle, which can lead to weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle.

I love this supplement from Lean PM because it solves a common issue for those looking for a fat burner, and the brand demonstrates that they understand the broader problems with weight loss. It’s also proven to aid in sleep, burn fat while you sleep, and is 100% natural in ingredients.

You can buy Lean PM from Amazon, where it is rated 4 stars with over 4,000 reviews.

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5. Lean Bean Fat Burner (Formulated for Women) Lean Bean Fat Burner (Formulated for Women)

Lean Bean is another supplement specially designed for women. It’s a popular brand with dieters and has become increasingly popular with vegan fitness freaks.

Again, Lean Bean isn’t just a fat burner. It actually contains ingredients that aid women in good health. Like Powher above, it contains konjac fiber to help suppress hunger, choline for fat burning, chromium picolinate for stable blood glucose levels, and even vitamins B6 and B12 for energy.

As you probably know, B6 and B12 are both essential nutrients for vegans that we usually struggle to get into our diet. So, these are useful additions. They also help fight off fatigue as a bonus.

Lean Bean is packed full of beneficial ingredients that further help with weight loss and boost energy, including the following:

  • Green coffee extract
  • Chloride
  • Zinc
  • Turmeric
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Acai berry
  • Piperine black pepper extract

Lean Bean is basically a fat-burning energy-boosting cocktail of natural ingredients. It’s also low in caffeine while retaining its energy-boosting effects via the green coffee extract.

If you’re after an effective fat burner minus the heavy caffeine, Lean Bean is for you. Only available on the Lean Bean official website.

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6. Old School Labs Vintage Fat Burner

Old School Labs Vintage Fat Burner

Not just a quality fat burner, Old School Labs Vintage burner promises to help preserve and build muscle. The brand has extensive experience within the supplements industry spanning over 40+ years. Old School Labs is well known and trusted by many.

This fat burner contains 100% natural ingredients specially designed to help you to burn fat and boost energy levels. The main ingredient is a green coffee extract to help reduce the fat absorption rate in your body.

Other ingredients include Garcinia Cambogia to prevent new fat cells from forming, green tea leaf extract for increased metabolic rate, anhydrous caffeine for energy, and forskolin for improved metabolism.

But there’s more! Olive leaf extract for stable blood glucose, chrysin for boosting testosterone levels, and even bacopa leaf for increased cognition and help dealing with stress. The vintage fat burner is jam-packed full of beneficial natural ingredients to help you lose weight effectively.

Be warned, the vintage fat burner has high levels of caffeine. You won’t want to take it after 3 pm, and it’s wise to take it before your workout. I love the fact this product is full of antioxidants and energy-boosting goodness. You could even use it as a pre-workout.

Read also: Guide to the Best Vegan Pre-Workout Supplements

You can buy Old School Labs Vintage fat burner on Amazon. It currently has over 9,500 reviews and is rated 4.5 stars. Which is very impressive.

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What are Vegan Fat Burners?

Slimming with pills, fat burner

Ok, so now we know the best fat burners we need to discuss what fat burners actually are.

Fat burners are essentially supplements that claim to increase your metabolism, impair fat absorption, and aid in weight loss. I say “claim” because the fat burner supplements are not guaranteed to make you lose weight only by taking them.

You have to combine the fat burners with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. If you were thinking you could sit at home watching Netflix and popping fat burner pills to lose weight, you were very, very wrong.

Fat burners can be a great aid to help lose weight by boosting your energy before your workout. They also provide you with natural ingredients proven to help support weight loss and other significant health benefits.

How do they work? Fat burners work by boosting your thermogenic processes like the thermic effect of food (TEF). This basically means increasing the rate at which calories are burned, and food is metabolized in your stomach.

The better the thermogenesis in your body, the more calories you can burn, which can help you to lose weight. All fat burners will work slightly differently based on the type of ingredients included in the product.

Benefits of Vegan Fat Burners

There are three main benefits to supplementing with vegan fat burners. An excellent vegan fat burner will help increase your metabolism, boost your energy, improve mood, and help control your appetite.

They Increase Your Metabolism

Fat burning and losing weight isn’t as tricky as people are led to believe. In fact, it’s quite simple. Every day you eat food, which adds calories. If the amount of calories is less than your body burns each day, your body will tap into your fat stores to get energy.

The more your body uses your fat stores for energy, the more weight you lose.

Fat burning supplements help with weight loss because they create a thermogenic effect, which helps to encourage your metabolism to work quicker. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns energy from the food you eat.

A thermogenic effect is better known as thermogenesis. This is the process in your body that burns calories to produce heat. If we increase the rate of thermogenesis, our body produces more heat, which, in turn, raises our metabolic rate (amount of calories burned).

Vegan fat burners are designed using natural ingredients to boost your thermogenesis. This helps to increase your metabolism, which aids in weight loss.

Boost Energy and Mood

We need the energy to help encourage us to move and work out. When we exercise, we burn calories for energy. Fewer calories equal to less fat.

However, vegan fat burners don’t just boost your energy to work out. They boost your mental clarity, cognition, and focus in general. This results in an improvement in your mood.

Your mood is an essential factor in your life. It’s the difference between those with healthy and unhealthy lifestyles. The more focused you’re, the more energy you have, and the clearer your thoughts, the more likely you’re to participate in physical exercise.

This is a positive cycle. Because the more you exercise physically, the more your mood continues to be improved. Exercise releases mood-enhancing chemicals such as endorphins.

Better Control Over Your Appetite

If you are always hungry or always able to eat something, this one is important. Our modern societies are focused on high levels of consumption. Everywhere you look, there is an advert for fast food, so we have become obsessed with eating.

Fat burners can effectively put your body into a state which suppresses your appetite. If you have ever felt sick or ill, you will know that you don’t feel much like eating. Fat burners can achieve the same result without making you feel unwell.

Fat burners often use natural ingredients like Konjac fiber, which has been proven to naturally suppress hunger. This way, you won’t feel like any late-night snacks or naughty treats here and there. You can stick to your healthy meal plan and benefit from not overeating.

Are There Any Common Side Effects of Using Fat Burners?

Pre-workout. Young sportswoman getting ready for the sport.

Yes, side effects are common with fat burners but are rarely severe unless you overdose. Always follow the guidance given on the packaging. If you feel strange on any supplement, stop taking the supplement, and seek professional advice.

The common side effects of using fat burners typically include:

  • Anxiety
  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Loose stools
  • Nausea
  • Stomach upsets

You may not feel any of these side effects or may experience one or two of them. It really varies from product to product.

To help avoid these side effects, introduce the fat burner into your diet gradually. Never exceed the maximum dosage, take them with food, and don’t take them late at night.

If you buy a fat burner with high caffeine content, take it earlier in the day. You may be more likely to experience the side effects above if your fat burner has a very high caffeine content.

Final Thoughts

Due to years of misleading information and scam companies, fat burners have gained a bad reputation. As this article discovered, vegan fat burners can be a great addition to your lifestyle as long as you are eating well and working out regularly.

Buying an excellent vegan fat burner made with 100% natural ingredients will help support you in weight loss, preserve muscle, enhance your energy and mood, and give you better control over your appetite.


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