Top-13 Must-Watch Vegan Documentaries That Could Change Your Life

Best Game Changers Vegan Documentaries That Will Open Your Eyes

How do you process information? For me, it’s watching documentaries! It helps me gain a better insight on certain topics that I have been curious about, including veganism. There’s something very educational about vegan documentaries that shows me how much more there is to learn.

If you are curious about becoming vegan, or already are and would like to know more, I’ve listed a variety of non-fiction films below that are all worth watching. Some will leave you completely shocked while others can be a little upsetting. Either way, it’s important to educate ourselves on a topic that hugely contributes to the planet.

Our diets don’t just impact us. What we choose to eat also affects the earth and all its creatures. So, let’s check the best vegan documentaries, shall we?

The Game Changers

the game changers - best vegan documentary

Athletes are often told they can’t be vegan and be successful, but this is completely not the case. The Game Changers film is all about top-level athletes and sports professionals who all live on a vegan diet.

This fascinating film features elite athletes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Louis Hamilton, and Kendrick Farris who go into detail about how much a vegan diet has helped their recovery and enhances their training.

Game Changers also follows ex-UFC Fighter and Special Forces trainer James Wilks as he travels across the globe to uncover the best plant-based diet for human performance.

Director of Game Changers, James Cameron (writer of Titanic + Avatar) displays excellently that meat + dairy are not required to gain high levels of protein.

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cowspiracy - vegan documentary movie

When I started my vegan journey 5 years ago, this film was what really opened my eyes. We are shown the reality behind animal agriculture and how it worsens global warming. Cowspiracy is a thought-provoking film that uncovers many truths including factory farming and how cruel it is.

During Cowspiracy, filmmaker Kip Anderson sets out to question the world’s leading environmental organizations and is met with many of them who refuse to discuss the biggest cause of climate change and why they hide the truth.

This film displays how eating meat and dairy severely controls deforestation, pollution, species extinction, and many other issues. It is a mind-blowing yet hard-hitting documentary that will leave you questioning everything.

Forks Over Knives

For as long as you or I can remember, we’ve been conditioned to believe that animal products are essential for our bodies. We’re told we need meat to maintain a good diet, and if we’re told as much, why question it?

Forks Over Knives wakes us up to the nature of eating meat and the extreme problems it causes to our health. Several doctors in this film describe how a plant-based diet has many positive effects and can even prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancers, and heart disease.

If you’re looking to further your understanding as to why a vegan diet is better for you, and why it’s praised by many scientists and doctors – I strongly recommend Forks Over Knives.


A vegan documentary that follows three people as they embark on a vegan diet for 6 weeks. Challenged to cut out all animal products for over a month, we see their experiences and any difficulties they may face.

Each person is from a different background but all signed up for the same reason – to lose weight. Though on their journey, they see where meat comes from and how it ends up on their plate. Learning the unseen truth of the food they’ve always known kept them going, but proves to be tough when it’s the only option around. Did they stay vegan?

Since 2011 when Vegucated was filmed, we’ve come a long way. There are meat and dairy-free choices everywhere we turn, this is certainly an inspiring watch to see how much better the vegan world is now.


blackfish - vegan documentary movie

Although it is not directly vegan, we are presented with front-row seats of what life is like inside the animal entertainment industry. Many of us have visited SeaWorld and thought it to be completely harmless, but that could not be further from the reality.

Blackfish reveals the exploitation and the brutal treatment of Orca Whales in SeaWorld, more specifically Tilikum, the largest killer whale kept in captivity for 33 years. We see how much these highly intelligent creatures are made to suffer enormously.

Veganism isn’t just about the animals we eat, wild animals being kept for our entertainment is an ongoing problem that everyone should acknowledge.

Since Blackfish was released, SeaWorld is gradually phasing out Orca shows across their locations.


speciesism - vegan documentary movie

A documentary that seeks to understand why some humans view animals as inferior while investigating the true horror of animal farming. Filmmaker Mark Devries ventures out to various animal charities to gain insight on factory farms and uncover some hidden truths.

Throughout the film, Mark subtly confronts farm owners with uncomfortable questions that reveal how badly animals are treated on these lands they push to keep secluded.

Speciesism certainly left me with a completely different perspective. It will take you on an emotional journey that is eye-opening, sometimes scary, but also completely necessary vegan or not. Why do we see animals as less than us? It is their planet too.

What The Health

Since bringing out Cowspiracy, filmmaker Kip Anderson goes on a mission to expose the dangers that animal foods have on human health. Meeting with doctors who explain how many of the processed foods we put in our bodies, are also the cause of many chronic diseases.

In the film, we see scientific proof of studies that have been done to show how much better a vegan diet is. Kip visits big industries (pharmaceutical and food companies) but slowly starts to learn how many of them will not associate diet with health problems.

As one of the most interesting vegan films so far, this has turned a lot of heads and made them to try a vegan lifestyle. While we don’t see much of what happens to animals, we do see how eating them can severely affect us.


earthlings - vegan documentary

You’re going to need a box of tissues for this one, and probably a hug. Though Earthlings came out in 2005, everything involved is still relevant today. This film shows the heartbreaking reality of how animals suffer and all the ways they are exploited by humans.

Scenes throughout Earthlings are graphic and upsetting, but completely honest and sincere. Hidden footage is shown to reveal daily practices that take place in a few of the world’s largest meat industries. Narrated by long-time vegan and celebrity Joaquin Phoenix who’s always been passionate about spreading the word through his fame.

Though it isn’t a pleasant watch, I personally suggest everyone watch Earthlings to see how much our choices can lead to non-human animals being treated in terrifying ways.

Vegan Everyday Stories

Many vegan films can be sad and emotional, fortunately, this next one is anything but. Vegan Everyday Stories is a heartwarming documentary that shines hope on the future of veganism.

We get to see real people with completely different backgrounds live their vegan lives and how they strive in their own ways. It’s incredibly inspiring and uplifting to listen to each story and how they got to where they are.

I felt strongly about adding this to the list as I know it’ll make anyone smile to watch individuals encourage others while showing how easy and wonderful living a vegan life can be.


seaspiracy - vegan documentary movie

It is not news that our oceans are slowly dying, and while many put the blame on plastic, it isn’t the biggest contributor. One of the main threats is overfishing and Seaspiracy shows us exactly why that is. Director Ali Tabrizi has always been fascinated with the sea but is curious to find out why it’s on the decline.

It is often believed that fishing can be ethical or sustainable, but this vegan documentary teaches us to rethink that completely. Secrets are revealed within the fish industry as we learn the consequences that are wrecking our planet.

I have heard many people say that Seaspiracy has led them to cut fish out of their diet. Sea creatures suffer tremendously but it isn’t always seen as much as farm animals. I certainly feel pleased that awareness is being raised.

Peaceable Kingdom

One of the most poignant documentaries on this list is this next one. It is a story of complete transformation as we watch the way animal farmers change their lives. It proves hard for them to continue sending the animals in their care to be killed after creating an intense bond and realizing they feel pain too.

With some upsetting and graphic scenes, Peaceable Kingdom will awake the consciousness of many as it also touches on the dairy industry and how horrifying it is. Through interviews and footage, we understand why it hasn’t always been an easy choice to give up on farming.

This is a side that is hardly ever shown in the vegan community but is one that is heartfelt and honest. It gave me hope that the future of animal farming may end someday.

The End Of Meat

the end of meat - vegan documentary movie

It isn’t realistic to think the world can go vegan overnight, but could meat be a thing of the past someday? There’s always the possibility. Countries around the world are already noticing the havoc animal agriculture is wreaking on the planet and are working towards a future that causes less environmental harm.

Filmmaker Marc Pierschel goes on a journey to discover what a post-meat world could look like as he meets with the vegan movement in Germany and animal sanctuary leaders. We also get to meet internet star Esther the Wonder Pig and hear why she’s changed the lives of many.

Sometimes as a vegan it can be hard to stay positive when so many people around us still enjoy animal products, but The End Of Meat is the perfect example of how veganism is on the rise and everything that is being done to encourage that.

Eating Our Way To Extinction

eating our way to extinction - - vegan documentary

Last but certainly not least, is a vegan documentary that is based completely around climate change and the current crisis it is in. Although we hear about the state of the planet, do we actually know how profound the damage is?

The recently released movie, Eating Our Way To Extinction powerfully displays how animal agriculture is destructing the rainforests, oceans, and earth in general. Global warming is at an all-time high and our food choices are only contributing more.

This film will capture your attention and start to create change across the world. The biggest way to fix our eco-systems is by going plant-based, this will also reduce the harming of animals and has many health benefits.


Each vegan documentary I’ve listed is very different from the other, they have their own approaches but all have the same goal which is to promote the vegan message and how we need to take a closer look at our lifestyle choices.

Some are certainly more graphic than others and may give you a rude awakening, but if you want to go vegan then I definitely recommend watching these movies to give you an extra ounce of motivation.

Let us know what you think of these documentaries and if they changed your way of thinking as they did ours!

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