TOP-15 Best Vegan & Vegetarian Chips Brands You Should Know About If You Love Chips

I love chips, but I know it could be pretty challenging to find vegan chips with all those dicey ingredients. Fortunately for other vegans and me, there’s a host of vegan chips in many assorted flavors. If one brand or flavor doesn’t suit you, you can always try out new brands or flavors. That’s why I’ve decided to put together this list of the best vegan chips on the market.

Are Chips Vegan Friendly?

Plate of colorful healthy vegetable chips with dip

The simple answer to that question is “yes.” And that’s because vegan chips are typically made from potatoes or corn in vegetable or other plant-based oils. Any of the vegan varieties we will mention can keep you company at the movies or after a long day’s work.

Notably, finding delicious vegetable chips is pretty easy over a simple Google search of “best vegan chips” around you. PETA also lists some 20+ tasty chips that are accidentally “vegan”. Of course, you’re about to read vegan4k’s top vegan chips picks in this guide. You won’t ever have to reject snacks at get-togethers or other social functions.

What Makes Chips Non-Vegan?

It’s pretty easy to decipher that not all chips can be vegan. Chips come from various sources, and some have added flavoring or additives (either natural or artificial). So, while potatoes are great for crisp chips, coating them with cheese or sour cream makes them a non-vegan diet.

There’s also a wide range of additives that won’t usually be obvious to you. Also, if a restaurant fried corn chips, for instance, in the same oil as pork, their corn chips wouldn’t be vegan. Or, if plant-based chips have dairy-based flavors or egg-based additives, they automatically stop being vegan chips.

If you’d instead stick to a strict vegan diet, it’d be best only to eat chips specifically labeled as “vegan.” Luckily, there are more than enough vegan, delicious chips on the market from which to choose comfortably.

A vegan diet has much to offer a person’s health. For instance, plant-based diets offer certain cardiovascular health benefits. Red meat and dairy products aren’t good for your health. Moreover, living vegan isn’t a sentence to protein deficiency, as many plant-based foods contain protein.

Are Vegan Chips Kosher?

Interestingly, any vegan food is at least about 90% on the path of being kosher. And so, you wouldn’t have to go through too much hassle to entertain you or your friends’ Jewish beliefs over a meal. Kosher-observant consumers won’t have to miss a tasty vegan snack between meals.

Most vegan chips would often pass as kosher for many Jews since different persons have varying degrees of kosher observance. To satisfy stricter kosher applications, you could quickly search the Orthodox Union website for “pareve” (non-meat and non-dairy) options. From the listen wheat, tortilla, or potato chips options, choose products that don’t contain eggs or fish.

What Are Some Popular Brands of Chips to Avoid?

Healthy homemade fruit and vegetable chips

With the increasing fancies of a vegan lifestyle across the US, more chips’ producers have begun adding at least a vegan version to their products’ list. However, some “dicey” brands are best avoided by consumers who want to maintain a healthy plant-based diet.

KFC chips are one of the most popular chip brands vegans have to avoid. The reason is that although they’re potato sourced, KFC fries them in the same oil as their chicken.

And of course, such oils would contain animal fat and flavors that aren’1t wholesome for vegans. Imagine KFC could fry their potato chips in, say, coconut oil, separately from chicken? Well, that’d just be great, if you asked me.

Sunchips is another chip name that raises a yellow flag in the world of vegans. Yes, it has earned itself a reputation amidst fantastic plant-based chip options. But you only want to stick to that one Sunchips flavor that’s completely plant-based or avoid the brand. Finally, another notable culprit is Doritos – most of Doritos’ chip flavors are dairy-based. You might want to stick to a clearly labeled “vegan” chip with multiple flavors and variants.

Our Top 15 Vegan Chip Brands

Having seen how to identify what’s vegan or vegetarian, choose kosher chips and yellow-flagged brand names, it’s time to get to the fun part. You want to see our favorite vegan snack and get to enjoy snack-time like every other person out there. Let’s go!

1. Pringles

Pringles potato chips

It’s always exciting to find vegan chips with great flavor. Pringles Original is 100% plant-based, and it tastes just like most Pringles out there. Well, some vegans don’t like any artificial cheese flavor, but that’s not me!

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2. TERRA Original Chips Sea Salt Chips

Terra original chips sea salt chips

Personally, conventional potato chips are just tasty, but this product from TERRA is just exceptional. TERRA’s Original Sea Salt Chips are made from several different roots: sweet potato, tarus, or parsnip. These roots are certainly great alternatives to conventional potato chips. You can access other flavor profiles through the bag. While each chip type has its unique taste, they all have salt seasoning and are definitely in the category of the best vegan chips you’d find.

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3. LAY’s Classic Potato Chips

Lay’s classic potato chips

Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of popular classics that meat-feeders also enjoy. This isn’t common knowledge, but several of LAY’s chips are vegan. This product isn’t only wholly vegan, it’s also well known among consumers across the country. There’s no need to say much on this, as you’ve probably tried one yourself.

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4. Kettle Himalayan Salt with 100% Avocado Oil

Kettle himalayan salt with 100% avocado oil

Avocados are becoming more fanciful than they’ve ever been, and Kettle attests to this. Kettle-made chips fried in avocado oil and spiced with Himalayan salt. To me, the avocado doesn’t change the taste so much. The difference it brings to the table is a slightly different texture and flavor, but overall, this is a great vegan chip option to try.

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5. Flourish Toasted Cauliflower Chips

Flourish toasted cauliflower chips

If a low-carb, toasted cauliflower spiced with chickpeas, yellow peas, and rice feels yummy to you, then this is what you’d want. Flourish combined the magical duo of roasted cauliflower and healthy peas to give you a tasty treat in this toasted cauliflower chip. Flourish prides itself on being never fried and dairy-free. And if you also don’t want too much salt—grab a pack, and crunch responsibly.

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6. Taco Bell Mild Tortilla Chips

Taco bell mild tortilla chips

Here’s one of our favorite tortilla vegan chip brands. Taco Bell’s vegan Mild Tortilla Chips are mildly seasoned yet indulgent. Taco tortilla chip is also kosher and certified gluten-free for Kosher-observant consumers. You can always enjoy your snack time knowing that your ideal values aren’t hampered by your desire to feed.

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7. Fritos Original Corn Chips

Fritos original corn chips

Fritos Original Corn Chips is perhaps the best of corn chips and is arguably one of the best chips there too! Fritos has undoubtedly stood the test of time, with its satisfyingly basic taste and simple ingredients list. While some vegans prefer potato products, corn-lovers can always snack on Fritos, especially for simple-flavored vegan chip fans.

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8. Sabritones Chili & Lime Puffed Wheat Snacks

Sabritones chili & lime puffed wheat snacks

Here in this brand is a sumptuous flavor blend of chili with lime. Sabritones Puffed Wheat Snacks mixes this flour to give a chip with an excellent mouthfeel, compared to other chips on the list. It’s low on calories and fat but high on taste and is very indulgent.

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9. El Sabroso Guacamole Tortilla Chips

El sabroso guacamole tortilla chips

Vegetarian, not vegan (contains dairy)

The history of original vegan tortilla chips as a popular snack dates back to the 1940s (in Los Angeles). El Sabroso wants you to experience vegan chips in their ancient simple form. Cut from freshly made corn tortillas and cooked to a tasty original crisp. The final product is just perfect either alone or for scooping your favorite dip. This chip also meets Kosher specs and is gluten-free.

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10. People's Keto Chocolate Chips

People's keto chocolate chips

100% vegan

People’s Keto chocolate is completely indulgent for chocolate lovers; you sure don’t want to start eating a pack all alone. These chips are sweetened with Steria and perfect for reframing into bars, brownies, and nut butlers. People’s Keto doesn’t contain any sugars, is a non-GMO project verified with no added sugars to make up an excellent nutritional profile that’s adaptable to different meals.

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11. Herr's White Corn Tortilla Chips

Herr's white corn tortilla chips

Warning! Choose Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips to get a vegan option. Other options can contain milk.

The tortilla chip is 100% whole grain corn, prepared in the authentic stone-ground way. As a vegan, you can’t go wrong with this chip brand; it contains no other additives except vegetable oil used in frying it. Whether you want them plain or with Salsa or other dips, Herr’s Tortilla Chips promise to leave you coming for it again.

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12. Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

Hippeas organic chickpea puffs

These organic chickpea puffs attest to the truth that great taste and healthy nutrition can go hand in hand. Sourced from organic peas, gluten-free, vegan chips are a newer go-to brand for kosher adherents. It offers high-calorie content, plant protein, and fiber content. You can’t go wrong with enjoying this chip while consciously contributing to saving the planet.

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13. Chicas Corn Tortilla Chip

Chicas corn tortilla chip

With just six ingredients, this simple vegan chip is a perfect balance of crunch and taste. Chicas Corn Tortilla Chips are made with nutrient rice bran oil, are zero trans-fat and gluten-free, and stand up to the thickest dips. Moreover, if you’re a fan of citrus, this might be an indulgent brand as Chicas chips are professionally seasoned with sea salt and a hint of bright citrus to give you an extraordinary taste.

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14. Enjoy Life Lentil Chips

Enjoy life lentil chips

These crunchy vegan chips have five delicious flavors sure to satisfy any vegan chip fan. You can count on Enjoy Life to give you enjoyable, gluten-free, allergy-friendly vegan chips. They’re not only high in calories, but they also have a sizable protein content to provide you with an overall excellent nutritional value.

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15. Beanfields Bean Chips Black Bean with Sea Salt

Beanfields bean chips black bean with sea salt

This sleek and trim chip is bold and full of flavor. It doesn’t matter what season it is, Black Beans are pretty healthier than your regular chips, and you won’t feel like you’re missing anything that non-vegans taste! You can enjoy its premium taste and yet stay sure of getting high calories in your diet.

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This section addresses some of the likely questions vegans like you have asked or are likely to ask about vegan chips. Let’s get straight to the answers.

Are Fritos Vegan?
Why Are KFC Chips Not Vegan?
What Are the Healthiest Vegan Chips?

Which Lays Potato Chips Are Vegan?

LAY’s potato chips are popular among consumers in their different flavors, and both vegan and non-vegan consumers eat them. Choose among any of these LAY’s vegan flavors and keep off any animal ingredients in your diet:

  1. LAY’s BBQ Potato Chips
  2. LAY’s Limon Potato Chips
  3. LAY’s Chesapeake Bay Grab Spice Potato Chips
  4. LAY’s Lightly Salted BBQ Potato Chips
  5. LAY’s Lightly Salted Potato Chips
  6. LAY’s Simply BBQ Thick Cut Potato Chips
  7. LAY’s Kettle Cooked Reduced Fat Original Potato Chips
  8. LAY’s Poppables Sea Salt Potato Snacks
  9. LAY’s Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Potato Chips
  10. LAY’s Stax Original Potato Chips
  11. LAY’s Wavy Sea Salt & Pepper Potato Chips
  12. LAY’s Wavy Reduced Fat Original Potato Chips
  13. LAY’s Wavy Original Potato Chips
  14. LAY’s Dill Pickle Potato Chips
  15. LAY’s Classic Potato Chips

Which Corn Chips Are Vegan?

Different chip brands have both vegan and non-vegan flavors made from various plant-based sources. Here are some well-known vegan corn chips:

  • Kettle Corn Chips (Sea salt, Sweet & Salty, Sweet Chill)
  • 7-Eleven Select Go! Smart Spiracha Corn Tortilla Chips
  • Fritos Original Corn Chips
  • Taco Bell Tortilla Chips
  • Mission Organic White Corn Tortilla Chips

It’s Crunch Time!

So, there you have our 15 best vegan chips list for chip lovers across America. Other honorable mentions are Late July Vegan Chips,  Salsitas Spicy Salsa Chips, Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs, and Pringles Original. Don’t ever believe the lie that vegans are ever missing out on snacks again. You have them from different organic plant sources: tortilla, chocolate, potatoes. What’s more, you have a host of delightful flavors to suit your taste buds; you don’t have to worry about finding wholesome chips to munch in-between meals.




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Are Fritos Vegan?
Fritos come in different vegan flavors (like Original Fritos, Fritos Scoops, and Fritos BBQ Chips). But to maintain your healthy vegan lifestyle, avoid non-vegan flavors such as Fritos chili cheese and Fritos Flavor twists.
Why Are KFC Chips Not Vegan?
KFC chips can’t be termed vegan because their chefs fry the chips in the same oil as the chicken.
What Are the Healthiest Vegan Chips?
Oh Yes! Some chip brands have wholesome ingredients and are also more comprehensive of the consumers' health.
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