TOP-10 Best Vegan Charities That Need Your Support In 2024

The Best Vegan Charities That Need Your Support

Often, we forget that veganism is an animal rights movement. We get sidetracked by the diet and fitness aspects and forget what we’re fighting for. Charities work hard to fight for the rights of animals worldwide, helping to dismantle factory farming, end animal testing, and put a stop to animal entertainment. Who are the best vegan charities you need to support?

As vegans, we all believe in the liberation of animals worldwide. It’s crucial then that we support the organizations and charities that work tirelessly to move us closer to that reality.

The Top 11 Vegan Charities

There is no such thing as the best vegan charity. All work hard to fight against the exploitation of animals, and all deserve support. Here are the 11 vegans charities I love in no particular order.

1. Food for Life (FFL Global)

The biggest one and one of the most popular vegan charities is Food For Life Global ( They served more than seven billion meals already!

food for life global - vegan charity

Food for Life has projects all over the world to help feed healthy plant-based meals to impoverished people. FFL serves around 2 million plant-based meals every single day to those in need.

Their mission is simple. To feed some of the most vulnerable people on our planet with delicious and healthy meals, uplifting communities, and ending food poverty.

FFL also helps with disaster relief efforts, feeding those who have been displaced by natural disasters and left malnourished with nothing.

As well as feeding people, FFL is helping teach people as they go about non-violence towards animals, health, mind, and spirit.

FFL is also known to get involved with animal rescue projects all over the world.

This charity is also a part of the United Nations Millennium goals that aim to “free our fellow men, women, and children from the abject and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty…” (Millennium Declaration).

There are eight goals set out by the Millenium Summit. These include:A young poor boy with his bowl of food

  • Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger
  • Achieving universal primary education
  • Promoting gender equality and empowering women
  • Reducing child mortality
  • Improving maternal health
  • Fighting against HIV/AIDs, malaria, and other prevalent diseases
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability
  • Developing a global partnership for development

FFL works hard with the UN and its affiliates to help make these goals realized. With your support, FFL can continue to do great work in feeding those in need.

You can support FFL in a few different ways, such as donating your money, becoming a monthly member, starting a fundraiser, get life membership, support the Annamarita food initiative, and many other ways.

2. A Well-Fed World

A Well Fed World Charity

A Well-Fed World is an international hungry relief and food security organization. They deeply believe in a plant-based future for all. To shift to a plant-based world, they are working with farmers, people, and communities across the globe to educate and offer support.

They work through the Sustainable Keys Global Grants program. This allows them to partner with financially strong and highly-effective programs that provide essential foods and farming assistance for communities in need all around the world.

A Well-Fed World is helping the world to adopt a plant-based way of life. Nurturing farming techniques that are sustainable and help preserve our planet. They help to provide funding and assistance to the world, analyze and interpret research, and network with global players and changemakers.

One of their core missions is to help the farming industry move away from the destructive dependence in animal agriculture. With plants, they believe that we can feed more people, create healthier food systems, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the environment.

You can support A Well-Fed World by donating on their website.

3. Veganuary

Veganuary Charity Website

By now, most people will have heard about Veganuary. Each year they run a world-famous campaign to encourage people to go vegan for the full month of January.

2020 was their most successful year, with over 400,000 people signing up to give veganism a go. This is double the number of sign-ups compared to 2019!

Once a person pledges to the challenge, Veganuary sends the participant several supportive materials, including recipes via email.

This support continues throughout the month, helping people to experience a vegan diet for the month. All this is done in the hope that people can see how simple and delicious veganism can be.

Participants also get information regarding animal welfare and the environment. This helps to educate people on what veganism is truly about and why it’s so important.

Veganuary is doing a great job in helping to expose the world to a vegan lifestyle. So far, they have had tremendous success.

You can support Veganuary by sharing their information with others and also donating on their website. Your donations are used to further grow Veganuary and help them to get more people signed up to their challenges, and more people to go vegan.

4. Animal Aid

Animal Aid Charity Website

Animal Aid started out in the 70s as a stray cat and dog rescue mission. Today, it is one of the biggest animal rights charities on the entire planet.

Animal Aid believes in peaceful protesting to make significant changes within our current systems that exploit and oppress animals. This includes farming, testing, and entertainment.

The charity aims are clear, they want to create a “world that is free from animal abuse and exploitation.” Ultimately, they want a world where people respect animals’ right to live in peace without harm.

Animal Aid has been instrumental in uncovering widespread illegal cruelty inside slaughterhouses, reducing animal testing in universities, and encouraged some of the biggest supermarkets to change their labeling to accommodate vegans.

They have also been an integral part of the fight against hunting in the UK, putting pressure on the British government to change its legislation.

You can support Animal Aid by donating on their website. Your money will help run and set up new initiatives that aim to end the exploitation of animals all across the globe.

5. Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs Charity Website

Food Not Bombs has been in action for over 35 years. Their philosophy? How can we possibly spend money on war when over a billion people go hungry every day?

It is an all-volunteer movement that recovers waste food and redirects it to those who need it the most. In the USA, people waste 40% of all food we produce each year. This is utterly insane when so many people in the country suffer from food poverty.

But, Food Not Bombs doesn’t just serve the USA. It helps to deliver millions of meals in over 65 countries each year. They’re dedicated to nonviolent direct action as a protest against war, poverty, and the destruction of our environment.

All meals served are plant-based and nutritious. You can get involved and volunteer with Food Not Bombs by finding a local group on their website.

You can support this fantastic charity by volunteering your time or donating via their website. Your money will help the organization continue to redirect wasted food from supermarkets to some of the most impoverished people on the planet.

6. The Humane League

Humane League Charity Website

The Humane League has been around for 15 years and gone from success to success in their battle against animal exploitation.

Their mission is simple: End all animal abuse and cruelty.

The Humane League focuses on institutional change, trying to encourage businesses to change from the inside. They have successfully managed to take on huge corporations such as PepsiCo, Starbucks, Burger King, and Subway and won!

This charity likes to hold companies accountable for their actions against animals. They have taken on farms, restaurants, and even university campuses.

With their incredible work, they have managed to get some of the largest corporations to enact animal welfare policies.

You can support the Humane League by donating on their website, volunteering, setting up a fundraiser, or becoming part of their community.

7. Food Empowerment Project

Food Empower Charity Website

The Food Empowerment Project aims to “create a more just and sustainable world by recognizing the power of one’s food choices.

They help encourage more healthy and sustainable food choices that reflect a more compassionate world and a world which does not harm animals.

Food Empowerment Project also puts a spotlight on:

  • Depleting natural resources
  • Unjust working conditions for produce workers
  • The unavailability of healthy and nutritious foods in low-income areas

Using their power, they’re helping fight against large corporations from pushing unhealthy foods onto people within our societies, especially those who are most vulnerable.

This is a vegan food justice organization helping to transform the way society sees and eats food. By supporting people to make healthier food choices, we can uplift entire communities and create a better world.

You can support the Food Empowerment Project by donating on their website.

8. The Good Food Institute (GFI)

The Good Food Institute Charity Website

Named as one of the top three charities in the entire US for reducing animal suffering, the GFI is proving itself to be integral is the mission to change our global food systems for the better.

“Imagine a food system where the most affordable and delicious products are also good for our bodies and the planet.”

The GFI works closely with leading scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to help make good food the reality for everybody.

They’re also one of the key advocates for clean-meat (meat grown in labs). The GFI doesn’t just advocate for change. It makes change through its tireless work with key players in the food industry.

The GFI is also doing a great job of helping support and invest in young children in becoming the next innovators of clean and healthy food. But they don’t stop at just students, they also educate institutions, corporations, and governments.

The GFI is making real changes to help create a better food system for everyone. A food system that doesn’t rely on the exploitation of animals and one with a focus on health.

You can support The Good Food Institute by donating on their website, volunteering your time, or creating a partnership with them if you’re a business. 

9. Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd Charity Website

Sea Shepherd is an exemplary organization that has taken the role of guardians of the oceans. They work tirelessly to protect our oceans and the precious life that lives within them.

Founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, the organization is on a mission “to protect and conserve all marine wildlife.”

Today, they operate in over 40 countries, helping to fight against commercial fishing corporations, oil companies, and governments that are complicit in the destruction of our environment.

Sea Shepherd is a bold company who puts itself on the front line to protect our oceans. They go to places where many of us cannot fight against those who are polluting our oceans for profit.

As a result of their hard and committed work, the organization has successfully stopped poachers all around the world. They have received multiple awards for their fantastic work, and they’re relentless in their mission.

You can help Sea Shepherd to continue their fantastic efforts by donating on their website, volunteering on one of their projects, or become an ocean warrior and set up a fundraiser.

10. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

This award-winning organization plants fruit trees in some of the most impoverished areas of the world. They’re “planting fruit trees for a greener, cleaner, and healthier planet.

To date, they have helped plant 18 billion fruit trees worldwide! Organic planting methods are encouraged with the aim of creating a more sustainable world.

But, The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation doesn’t just plant fruit trees. They also help to support and educate the communities they operate in. Training locals on how to care for the trees and how to plant more.

Their incredible work has helped them to reach some incredible achievements. Such as providing the Hopi Tribe in Arizona with a fruit tree for every family.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation has some groundbreaking programs and initiatives that have helped to transform the lives of those in most need. These include “Trees for Tribes,” “Roots of Recovery,” and “Fruitful Communities.”

You can support this incredible foundation by donating on their website. Your money will help to continue their excellent work supporting vulnerable and impoverished communities all around the world.

11. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Veganism is not just about stopping the cruelty and exploitation of farm animals. Veganism aims to prevent harm to all animals, including wildlife.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a truly inspiring organization that is helping to protect endangered wildlife in Africa. The continent of Africa is one of the most vulnerable to poachers and environmental destruction, which leads to habitat loss.

Founded in 1977, the trust is on a mission that “embraces all measures that complement the conservation, preservation, and protection of wildlife and habitats.”

The projects undertaken include:

  • Anti-poaching
  • Safeguarding the natural environment
  • Enhancing community awareness
  • Addressing animal welfare issues
  • Providing veterinary assistance to animals in need
  • Rescuing and hand-rearing wildlife including elephant and rhino orphans

Over the 40 years since its founding, the trust has created its own unique and effective methods for conservation in Africa. The trust uses innovative new technology such as drones and aerial helicopters to track and ensure animals’ safety and hunt down poachers.

Working tirelessly with local communities, businesses, and governments have had tremendous success in protecting wildlife in Kenya and other Africam nations.

You can support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by donating on their website, adopting orphan animals, setting up fundraisers, or becoming a partner.

Why It’s Important to Support Vegan Charities

Unfortunately, we can’t all support vegan charities in the way we wish we could. Many of us may want to join them on the frontline to oppose factory farms, large corporations, and governments.

Read our article: “Why Go Vegan: A Simple Introduction to Veganism“.

But the reality for many of us is that we’re tied down to commitments at home like our jobs, our families, and our own projects. By donating, fundraising, partnering, and supporting vegan charities, we can help those who work so hard for these organizations.

With our money and time, we can help these organizations create a better world for animals, people, and our environment all over the world.

Not all of us can join them on the frontlines, but we can support them in their missions.

What’s the Best Way to Support a Vegan Charity?

Poor people receiving food from volunteers indoors

If you can volunteer your time and fundraise, you would be creating vital awareness for critical issues and simultaneously help get donations for the organization.

If you’re unable to volunteer, simple monthly donations of any amount can go a long way in helping charities continue with their incredible work.

If you’re the owner of a business, you can connect with these charities and do amazing fundraisers together. Simply contact the charity of your choice to see what is possible.

Anything you can do to support a charity is worth doing.

How Do I Choose the Best Charity for My Money?

Unfortunately, there are no independent investigators that rank charities on how well they use your money or perform on their projects. However, you can do some simple research to decide whether it is an excellent charity or not.

  • Look at the charity’s impact and read how they talk about it.
  • Don’t be put off by past mistakes, all organizations make mistakes.
  • Find out about their progress.
  • Try to discover who their biggest donors are, this is a sign of credibility.
  • Find the charities that speak to you the most.
  • Volunteer for the charity first and understand what they’re about.

Final Thoughts

Supporting a vegan charity is a beautiful and noble action. As a vegan, it feels great to support organizations fighting for the future you want to see.

If you’re interested in doing more, research the charities available and decide on what you like the most. Contact them and discover how you can support them effectively.

Together, we can create a better future for animals, people, and our precious planet.




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